Waste-to-energy-plant Linth


High tech control room from WEY

Three tons of garbage have the same fuel value as a ton of oil, according to Markus Schwizer, President of KVA Linth in the current issue of the “kva linth energie + recycling” magazine. For the KVA (Waste-to-energy plant) Linth, however, it is not just a matter of burning a steadily growing mountain of garbage. Here the incineration process is now used to produce renewable energy or green electricity in a highly efficient way. Recycling also plays a role as different metals, e.g. aluminum, lead, copper, silver and gold can be reclaimed in large quantities. KVA Linth plays a leading role in Switzerland and the world in this trend, and often hosts experts and politicians from Germany and abroad. 


To ensure that the cycle, starting with 110,000 tons of waste per year, can be managed and steered in a simple and intuitive manner, KVA Linth decided on a control room solution from WEY. Operating around the clock on 365 days per year, the control room features a WEY Distribution Platform, a state-of-the-art video wall and WEY SMARTtouch multifunctional keyboards to enable high-level monitoring and intuitive control.   


Read the full article (German) about the KVA Linth control room here, or the entire magazine if you prefer.