Roger Wey is the new CEO of WEY Technology AG


Welcome to WEYTEC

On September 1, 2017, Roger Wey (52) assumed the position of the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a partner of WEY Technology AG in Switzerland. In this position, he will carry on with WEY Technology’s strategy focusing on growth and new integrated solutions for trading floors and control rooms. Roger Wey is taking over the CEO position from Armin Klingler, who will increasingly focus on the international business expansion, working closely with the WEY Technology subsidiaries and channel partners. 


According to both managing directors and owners of the company, Mario Okle and Armin Klingler, "We are delighted to have gained Roger Wey as the new CEO. His extensive experience in international business and the electronics branch combined with his strong leadership skills will ensure that WEY Technology meets future challenges and creates value for our customers." 


Roger Wey has over 20 years’ experience in the electronics and construction sectors and has held a number of top management positions, including in the Besi Group. Prior to joining WEY Technology, Roger Wey was General Manager at ebea, where he was engaged in the international business.