Maintenance Services

WEY systems achieve an availability of nearly 100%. This is due to the excellent quality of our products and regular, preventative maintenance services. Our maintenance contracts offer a full range of services. 


Preventative Maintenance

Systems are tested and maintained on a regular basis. Software is updated automatically to the latest version and defective or critical components are replaced before faults can occur. Keyboards are thoroughly examined and cleaned.


Annual Site Reviews

During annual site reviews we recommend enhancements either to maintain or improve system stability. So WEY Solutions have a long life cycle and your investments maintain their value. 

This is extremely important to us. 


Standard and Extended Warranty

WEY guarantees the highest levels of quality and reliability for our solutions. Our comprehensive warranties run for a standard period of 12 months. We also recommend an extended warranty to guarantee response times and the provision of spare parts up to five years after the Live Date.



WEY develops, manufactures and repairs our products in-house. Our repair centre promptly fixes defective equipment and returns it to service. 

Support Levels

WEY engineers work around the clock and are ready to assist you with any and all technical faults and enquiries. Simply choose the right level of support to meet your Needs.

Product Training

WEY offers clients both standard and customised product training programs from our location in Switzerland. Our classes are limited in size and emphasise hands-on experience.