CADwalk is WEYTEC’s new partner

In Australia and New Zealand

WEYTEC Asia Pacific is pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with CADwalk Critical Rooms Pty Ltd. CADwalk is a market leader specializing in the consultancy, design and construction of high-value Command and Control Rooms for industries that support mission-critical 24/7 functions. CADwalk has visualization hubs in Western Australia, South Australia and Munich, Germany.

Giuseppe Zaccaria, Managing Director of WEYTEC Asia Pacific remarks: “The strategic partnership with CADwalk will increase WEYTEC’s market share and further strengthen our position in the Australian and New Zealand markets. CADwalk employs the latest advanced visualization technologies to create interactive, life-size design experiences so that clients can understand their space in exciting new ways. Together, CADwalk and WEYTEC are providing added value for potential clients with advanced technology, enhanced service responsiveness and competitive pricing.”

We are very excited about the opportunities brought about by this partnership and look forward to working with CADwalk to expand the WEYTEC global footprint in Australia and New Zealand.