Product Announcement: IP Remote IV

More speed, resolutions up to 8K and network redundancy with the new IP Remote IV

The IP Remote IV is our newest KVM-over-IP extender and it is chocked full of enhanced features. The card is now available through WEYTEC entities and partners worldwide.

IP Remote IV

Highest resolutions
Each IP Remote IV card can extend any high-performance media source to any workplace and drive either two 4K@60Hz, two 5K@60Hz, two 8K@30Hz or one 8K@60Hz screen.  

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Use the IP Remote IV’s USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports to connect USB devices like memory sticks, thumb readers, USB audio devices or webcams.

Audio over DisplayPort
IP Remote IV grabs audio signals via DisplayPort and outputs them via DisplayPort or an analog jack on the receiver side.

IP Remote IV has two SFP interfaces, which can be used with copper or fiber SFPs up to 10 Gbit. Connected to different network segments, only one SFP interface is active at a time. If the Ethernet connection should fail, IP Remote IV automatically switches to the other SFP interface.


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