FSP 3000 ConnectGuard

KVM encryption

FSP 3000 ConnectGuard is a network encryption solution providing maximum data security on the network connecting multiple locations. It provides a transparent wire speed service using the internationally recognized Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Dynamic key exchange and a strictly separated encryption domain manager make this solution compliant with the most stringent regulatory requirements. The hardware-based network encryption implementation delivers maximum efficiency with ultra-low latency to address mission-critical applications.

At a glance

  • Maximum data security on the network connecting locations based on state-of-the-art data encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256)
  • Encryption at the lowest layer (OSI Layer 1) also protects data at higher layers
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Strong authentication and dynamic key exchange
  • Scalable from one to many 10 Gbps channels
  • Based on standard technologies
  • Redundant configuration available
  • Supporting SNMP
  • Fully compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions



… for maximum data security



... without performance loss


The FSP 3000 platform from ADVA Optical Networking is used to encrypt point-to-point connections between sites or system rooms via dark fiber. The AES 256 encryption method is hardware-based and the session keys are recalculated every few minutes.

The interface card is the core for processing and encrypting the 10Gbps connections. It has five freely configurable client interfaces (SFP / SFP+) and a network port with 10Gbps. Two 10Gbps cards can be installed in the 19" housing, which can be equipped with redundant power supplies. Other configurations are also possible.

Application example

The FSP 3000 ConnectGuard encrypts Layer 1 traffic between the Gigabit network switches in the WDP installation using the Advanced Encryption Standard with a key length of 256 bits (AES 256). Typically, connections between two locations or connections via climbing zones are encrypted.

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