Unparalleled workplace optimization with the WEYTEC distribution PLATFORM (WDP)

WEYTEC makes complex workplaces smart - now with additional benefits.

The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM is a unique IP-based KVM switching solution that enables the sharing and simultaneous use of all sources, systems and content at any workplace. WEYTEC enables the networking of multiple locations.

The WDP has been successfully deployed at over 50,000 workplaces in trading and control rooms around the world - and is becoming even more powerful: Drawing on our experience gained from countless KVM solutions, we have developed a range of powerful new technical and user-friendly features. The new WDP surpasses all expectations in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility, security, availability and state-of-the-art workplace solutions, including for the home office - and can be adapted to your individual needs and requirements.

Superior KVM: High-tech products plus know-how

An independent IP network is all you need: You can integrate all required systems - be they analog, digital or third-party systems such as cameras and video walls. Access to the computers and information sources is possible across multiple locations.

WEYTEC relies on high-tech products that are developed in-house and deployed in customer-specific KVM solutions.

Hardware and software of the highest caliber and from a single source

You can trust WEYTEC's  "Made in Switzerland" quality - especially when it comes to customized and modular KVM solutions.  

We have decades of experience and expertise, and we develop our hardware and software completely in-house. WEYTEC provides turnkey solutions from a single source - and customer-friendly KVM installations that do not interfere with your day-to-day operations.

We are the trusted partner of hundreds of banks and control room organizations serving the public safety, traffic management and utilities sectors as well as airports around the world.

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For the complete overview at all times; focus on the essentials.

Only someone with a full overview of the workplace can act quickly and effectively when it really matters. This is essential, especially on modern trading floors and in control rooms where users must capture and control large amounts of diverse information from multiple sources.

smartTOUCH - the unique multifunctional keyboard with a touchscreen

Mutliple PCs, keyboards, mice and cables at the desk are transformed into; 1 keyboard and mouse, and as many monitors as you like. So you can operate and control everything - without chaos or fan noise. It just doesn't get any smarter than this.


Networking across locations

Users enjoy latency-free, real-time access to all information sources, regardless of their physical location. Free seating and shared desk concepts facilitate teamwork and provide more flexibility.

KVM IP extenders - for remote, shared and switched access

PCs and information sources are no longer placed directly at the desk, but are housed in a central server room. This saves costs, enhances IT security and increases flexibility.


NEW: Remote Access

Home Office is also possible: Now you can use a Web Remote Transmitter (via browser) or a Software Receiver (via RDP, VNC) to access PCs and information sources within the WDP network from home.

The WDP solution significantly increases workflow efficiency and operator performance for your staff.

It doesn't get faster than intuitive.

Especially in an emergency, latency cannot be tolerated and there's no time to worry about how and where to find the right information. This is a major strength of the WDP from WEYTEC: maximum user friendliness and control.

New user interface layout

WEYTEC has further optimized the user friendly interface to facilitate intuitive control in record time.

NEW: Push-Pull function

Collaboration has never been easier. Share content or the control of sources - simply switch from one workplace to another or to a video wall.


WEYTEC's new graphical user interface allows you to interact with and control the WDP system using a web browser. We pay careful attention to maximum user-friendliness.

3rd Party integration

The WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM offers APIs and gateways for the integration of third-party systems such as alarm management, building technology, access control, radio and much more. It is easier than ever before to integrate multiple systems in a standardized way.


Mobile control

Users are no longer restricted to a specific workplace and can also work with the WDP from mobile devices with a web browser.

NEW: WEB Console

The newly developed WEB Console permits administrators to make independent configuration changes. Web technology supports concurrent operations and enables direct remote administration. The WEB Console can be used as a configuration interface without having to install any software.

The new WDP from WEYTEC:
simply faster than conventional KVM.

More security than ever before.

Don't take any chances with security-sensitive systems or data: WEYTEC is your experienced expert who not only places the highest value on product quality, but also takes comprehensive measures to make your WDP safe - from faults and from damage or access by unauthorized persons.

100% independent - 100% secure

The WDP is distinctly isolated from the respective customer's environment.

User and role management

Define individual users, user groups, and roles to securely manage who can access which sources and control which features.

Network encryption

WDP solutions use 128-bit encryption to provide extra security against attacks on the system.

NEW: 2FA Two factor authentication

Use 2FA two factor authentication to protect yourself and your WDP from unauthorized access.

Native SNMP support

The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is used to manage, control and monitor network elements such as computers and switches. Existing customer monitoring systems can be queried directly by WEYTEC products over a standardized SNMP interface, so that your systems are always being monitored.

Delivering the highest level of security to your workplace through longstanding ISO certification.

There is no other partner in the financial industry who can better help us build a new system and support us on an ongoing basis.

Jürg Leutwiler
Head of Project Management, Zurich Cantonal Bank, Switzerland

Now we can track procedures and processes step-by-step on our screens. WEYTEC recognized our needs very quickly and suggested good solutions. The system is simple, fast and extremely stable.

Mario Göldi
Head of IT for Radio Zürisee, Switzerland

Security solutions made to measure

Do you have questions or special requests regarding data security? No problem - we develop the right solution for every customer need.

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Video Walls with KVM Functionality

Discover the WEYTEC visualizationPLATFORM (WVP), which transforms displays and video walls into a unified, flexible visual landscape with limitless pixel space.

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Third Party

Do you know? WEYTEC can integrate third-party solutions into the WDP environment.

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