Process-driven Industry

Increasing effectiveness and efficiency in industry

In industrial environments, control rooms monitor production processes and plant facilities. Critical processes are observed 24/7 so that operators can intervene quickly if necessary. Powerful computers and monitoring systems are indispensable. The control room is often located in a live production environment with direct exposure to dust, heat, emissions and humidity.

With WEYTEC you choose leading solutions for industrial control rooms and well-organized, high-performance workplaces: The PCs are housed in a separate technical room, yet users still have latency-free access to all the information. This protects IT assets and provides operators with a more pleasant working atmosphere. The hardware-based solution is independent of other software and hardware platforms, the Internet and your network. This makes our solutions not only enormously flexible, but also absolutely secure and highly reliable.


The benefits of WEYTEC solutions for process-driven industries

  • Ergonomic workplaces promote concentration and effectiveness.
  • Free Seating concept: Operators always take their individual workplace setup with them, no matter where they sit.
  • Enhanced workplace overview due to reduced desk peripherals (a single multifunctional keyboard).
  • Computers are stored in separate, secure, air-conditioned, and dust-free system rooms.
  • Simplified maintenance of the computers.
  • Enhanced team collaboration and workflows.
  • Increased system performance, accuracy and security.
  • Seamless integration of legacy systems.
  • Centralized, trouble-free maintenance of systems.
  • Real-time monitoring of system status to eliminate unplanned outages.
  • Full control of all processes, also from remote control rooms.
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We recommend these solutions:

IP Remote

KVM signal extension
Secure remotization of critical computer sources away from the user environment. Instant real-time access to data and video sources, signals can be transmitted without compression.


Signal swiching and collaboration
Redundant systems for seamless operations in critical environments. Optimized information exchange across multiple locations. 


Control all your systems
Fast and intuitive operation of multiple systems with a single keyboard and mouse (and a person) for efficient workflows.


Flexible visualization
Overview of every situation with visibility of content from every location and workplace.


Efficient alarming
Alarm management and remote monitoring for maximum system availability.

ultraFLEX miniPC

Lean computer technology
High performance, full flexibility and energy efficiency with minimal space requirements.

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WEYTEC creates fully integrated KVM workplace solutions for industrial control rooms. 

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smart Control Rooms

Making complex workplaces smart

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