Alpiq – Alpiq Swisstrade AG

Planning and realisation of an integrated solution for a new Energy Trading Floor


Alpiq was created in early 2009 from the merger of Swiss leading energy companies Atel (Aare-Tessin AG) and EOS (Energie Ouest Suisse). Alpiq Swisstrade AG is a fully owned subsidiary of Alpiq. Since 1999 it has held a commodities trading license and is subject to regulation by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Alpiq Swisstrade AG is active on all the major European energy exchanges and over-the-counter markets, trading financial contracts for electricity, gas, coal and oil products as well as emission certificates. It also engages in trading physical energy products on behalf of its parent company. Thanks to a wealth of industry know-how, Alpiq Swisstrade AG takes a leading position as an independent energy trader. 


Here you can download the full case: 



In 2007, WEYTEC was commissioned with implementing an integrated system solution for the new trading floor in Olten, Switzerland. Alpiq decided to replace an existing WEYTEC Mini-system which had been stable and operational for several years. One of the most important project goals was to realize an efficient cooling concept for 74 workplaces and a total of 224 PCs.




Alpiq selected the VSS2X Allocation System and the remotisation of local PCs. In order to ensure maximum security, it was decided to divide the PCs and other system components between two system rooms. Fibre 
optics was chosen for the transmission of the PC’s keyboard, mouse, video and audio signals in order to provide space-saving infrastructure. 

Solution modularity ensures high flexibility

The system was designed so that users were split among two separate system rooms, practically eliminating the risk of complete system failures due to disasters such as fire or flooding.

Fibre optics was preferred over copper cable to economize on space for building infrastructure. An inte­grated remote power control module was included to power-up switched off workstations. With this innovation, the administrator can easily switch any PC off and on again via an Internet browser. This simplifies IT support and keeps potential downtimes to a minimum. All users have this same functionality available for their PCs.  

A standard and user-friendly workplace environment was defined and implemented throughout the trading floor. A single WEYTEC Multifunctional MK06 Keyboard was deployed at each desk with which traders control both dedicated PCs and shared sources (PCs and TV channels) which are accessible over the WEY Allocation System.

The move was realised during normal operations over a two week period. In total, 75 workplaces were dismantled, re-equipped to accommodate both existing and new components and redeployed together with new desk modules on the trading floor. To reduce the risk of interruptions in trading to a minimum, the moves were carried out in a phased manner according to a pre-defined project plan. Groups of six workplaces were adapted to the new standard so that traders could continue their work throughout the whole process. With the realization of the new trading floor, a modern infrastructure has been created to provide optimum conditions for the further development of European-wide energy trading.


Enhanced energy efficiency, security and comfort

Enhanced energy efficiency, security and comfort
Heat and noise emissions were significantly reduced after deploying the PCs in the two system rooms. This solution not only improves the working environment on the trading floor, but also minimizes total energy consumption. Brilliant image quality for high-resolution screens as well as real-time signal transmission between the system rooms and the trading floor were realised using the WEYTEC Fibre Remote solution. 

First level IT support has become much easier because all the PCs are centrally located in one of the two system rooms. With the free seating concept, shared and dedicated sources are accessible from any desk and access is defined and controlled in the user profiles (No Access, View Only, Shared Access). Free seating means that users enjoy a high degree of flexibility and security at the same time.

Thanks to the highly committed and qualified WEYTEC staff, the project could be completed as planned despite the challenging circumstances. Now that we are operational, we continue to benefit from the excellent foundation when making rapid and professional extensions.

Kaspar Riediker
Head of Technical Support for Alpiq Swisstrade AG