Advantage Recording

As the requirements placed on modern control rooms continue to increase in number and complexity, it has become necessary to connect and integrate a whole host of diverse IT systems in a useful and user-friendly manner. WEY shows you how to optimise your workflows with the help of a workplace recording solution.   


A  system built around the WEY Distribution Platform with a fully integrated recording solution ensures a decisive advantage in your business environment. 


Enhance Efficiency and Security

Workplace recording and playback provide optimal conditions for a broad range of analysis. The collected data can be used not only for detailed event analysis, but also for process optimisation, training purposes and to satisfy legal record-keeping requirements. 


This provides a significant opportunity to further enhance security and efficiency in the control room environment, the importance of which is now being recognised by more and more IT managers.


Applicable in multiple industries

Incident recording is now becoming common in a much broader set of industries. Capturing the situation users, operators or traders experience at any given moment in time can be crucial in such diverse environments as control rooms for emergency services, nucleur and conventional power plants, grid management, as well as industrial and financial trading environments. With regard to financial trading as well as many other industries, regulations which recommend or require transaction recording is already in the pipeline.  


State-of-the-art system architecture

The SkyRec BlackBox recording solution together with the WEY Distribution Platform not only satisfies pending legal requirements, but also creates state-of-the-art workplaces featuring remoting, recording and replaying functions.


By harnessing the very latest system architecture, it is now possible to achieve recording landscapes which are cost-effective, secure and efficient. 


Joint product development ensures full integration

In collaboration with our partner SkySoft ATM, a subsidiary of Skyguide, we have developed this recording solution in-house in Switzerland. The perfectly coordinated systems provide users with a fully integrated turnkey solution.


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