WEY - Professional and Customised Turnkey Solutions


For nearly 30 years, WEY Solutions are the first choice for the financial industry. They have made WEY the world market leader in this segment.  


More and more, police forces, fire brigades, energy and transportation companies as well as other branches in the security industry have come to trust and rely on increased security and control with WEY Solutions. 

If you as a Business Manager, Control Center Manager, professional trader, operator or an IT Manager are reliant on maximum efficiency and uncompromising functionality - we would be more than pleased to help!

Trading Floors

  • Banks, Financial Institutions
  • Commodity Trading     
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Control Rooms

  • Police, Fire, Emergency Services
  • Traffic Control, Industry   
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  • Boardrooms and Conference Centres
  • Auditoriums     
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Health Care

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Rooms     
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