Development and production

Most of the electronic assemblies and products contained in our solutions are developed and produced by ourselves, using state-of-the art science and technology. This means that we are independent, fast and flexible. Our customers benefit directly from this because we develop and provide customised products and solutions catering to individual needs, no matter how complex.

Equipment and component comparisons

Faulty equipment and technical problems can have catastrophic consequences. Our products fulfill the highest requirements in terms of reliability and quality. As an additional service, we offer the testing and comparison of external equipment and components in our laboratory, such as monitors, connectors and cable Connections.


Technical evaluations such as testing the suitability of equipment and determining the cause of faults, electromagnetic interference, power loss etc. are usually only successful when interdisciplinary expertise and leading-edge analytical and measuring tools are employed. WEY offers these services, also for new customers. Comprehensive analysis and measurement of results enable us to draw conclusions regarding performance, potential faults and possible optimization. We would be delighted to show you the most appropriate solution.