The UltraFlex Mini PC makes working more profitable and efficient

Due to its exceptional flexibility, the UltraFlex Mini PC can be deployed in a wide range of environments to fully meet system and user requirements: 


  • Customised user performance
  • Individualised configuration
  • Extremely high reliability

Additionally, the UltraFlex Mini PC offers extremely high performance computing power, comparable with modern desktop PCs. Even the most demanding multi-screen environments can be established due to the enormous graphics output.


Despite the high processing power, the UltraFlex operates very efficiently and quietly, giving off only minimal heat emissions. This ensures the creation of comfortable and optimised working environments. 


The UltraFlex Mini PC supports a variety of operating systems. 


High performance, energy efficient small form factor PC

The UltraFlex Mini PC is designed for users who need the agility and flexibility of virtual and hosted desktop solutions but are currently restrained by some of the limitations of desktop hardware.