•  Control local and remote computers with a single keyboard and mouse
  •  Supports multiple platforms for Trading Floors and Control Rooms 
  •  Highly flexible thanks to diverse interfaces: USB, PS2, serial, SUN, etc.
  •  Modular and customisable > see all features
  • For example: MK06 optimised for a control room.
  • For example: MK06 optimised for financial trading.


Workstations can be controlled from one or more keyboards (sharing).

In combination with a WEY Distribution Platform, users can monitor and control multiple platforms and workstations like Dealing, EBS, TV and more from any desk.   


  • Control a variety of systems with a single keystroke.
  • Shared access to sources.


Thanks to the modular design, MK06/WEY RAY Keyboards can be optimised for your specific environment. With progamming options, additional modules and the WEY oneDESK Desktop Integration tools, WEY can fully meet the requirements for complex workplaces.