Project Launch / Installation

WEY Technology is known for perfect timing and highly professional installations of new equipment and systems. We prepare system launches in great detail so that they take place quickly and only during the least productive working hours. After the handover, our customers continue to receive professional support, and systems are inspected and monitored on an ongoing Basis.

Changes (Moves & Changes)

Restructuring, reorganizations and changes of location mean organizing complicated moves of workstations and IT infrastructure. Moves & Changes involve a lot of work and time. However, WEY Solutions are designed to make them faster and easier than for other system solutions. And our staff ensures that the changeover time is kept to an absolute Minimum.


Users need to operate new systems quickly, productively and effectively. We attach great importance to a careful introduction and thorough training for customers. WEY experts are known for their involvement in this process and for their knowledge of specific customer sectors. 


Providing comprehensive technical training for the customer's system support staff is another one of our training services. They usually receive an intensive one-on-one training at an early stage using test systems which have been installed and configured especially for this purpose.