Project Consulting

Consulting, needs assessment

As a leading provider, it is extremely important to us that we provide you with comprehensive and expert advice. WEY Technology specialists from multiple disciplines will support you in your search for the right solution. We will show you what opportunities our innovative solutions can create, and also where we see potential for improvement so that you can work more efficiently, comfortably and economically. We are delighted to share our extensive experience with you. 

Analyses, feasibility studies

For more complex projects, we recommend that you commission a more in-depth analysis and/or a feasibility study. Making detailed actual and target ascertainments – taking technical feasibility into account – is the only way to ensure that all the relevant factors and framework conditions are included in the new solution. Our aim is to find the optimal solution for your needs in terms of cost-effectiveness, security, quality, speed, ergonomics etc.

Concepts, cost calculations

Planning and designing new solutions generally require a significant financial investment. If mistakes are made during the planning stage, it can be expensive to rectify them later. Our engineers and specialists are happy to assist you in drawing up concepts, specifications and costs calculations.

Infrastructure evaluations

Choosing the right equipment and components such as cable, loading systems, PCs, monitors and display systems, has an impact on both project and operational costs. Our engineers and specialists will create thorough evaluation and test reports for you. You will benefit from our extensive experience and our state-of-the-art test lab.

Test installation, product demonstrations

The best way to appreciate the benefits of a WEY Solution is to experience them “live” in your operational environment. We can implement a test installation for you so that you can experience the advantages and form a practical opinion. This also enables us to ascertain the details and ergonomic factors of your environment more effectively. We are also happy to arrange a visit to an existing installation in your region.