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WEYTEC. Smart KVM solutions.

For Trading Floors, Command Centers and Control Rooms.

"SMART" is our one-word description. WEYTEC makes complex multiscreen workplaces smart. 

For over 30 years, we are the KVM-over-IP specialists for integrated workplace solutions on trading floors and in control rooms for the public safety, utilities, traffic management, aviation and process-controlled industry sectors.

WEYTEC’s mission is to support customers with trading floor and control room systems that achieve their efficiency, cost, process and modernization goals in a smart way.

A global player with Swiss roots, we partner with companies, public authorities and institutions to optimize information processing and modernize visualization environments. We improve the overview and organization of your workplaces, and provide smart, digital functions that perfect workflows and enhance security.

WEYTEC is the only KVM provider that manufactures its own hardware. Our made to measure solutions switch and distribute any and all information sources in any combination to an unlimited number of desks. Let us show you how we take complex challenges and make simple solutions.

Our branch competence

WEYTEC inspires enthusiasm and creates the classic "before and after" effect for our customers - who come to us from a wide variety of industries. We have global experience with a broad range of company structures, sizes, vertical markets and their respective requirements. There are "WEYTEC situations" waiting everywhere. When can we get to know yours?


Global player.
Global power.

Our quality commitment? Based on our Swiss roots.
Our know-how? Based on our strengths as a world market leader and globally active group of companies.
This - and much more - makes us unique in this market. 

WEYTEC: Near you.

Experience the WEYTEC effect.

Experience our showrooms.

You can find a showroom with test workplaces at all of our locations. Here you can experience our turnkey solutions and fully integrated workplaces in a live environment. Let us inspire you, even before your project begins. After all, trust is good - but showrooms and test workplaces are even better.

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Our success is measured by the improvement of our customers' processes...

Mario Okle
Member of the Board

Our top priority is system reliability - which we guarantee through comprehensive quality management, product certification and 100% testing.

Armin Klingler
Chairman of the Board