Control Room Solutions for the Supply and Management of Public Utilities

Invisible, yet elementary: Energy and water are the building blocks of our daily lives. The reliable and continuous supply of utilities is essential wherever people live, work and interact. Public utility management requires high-performance control rooms and monitoring systems, and WEYTEC solutions are ideally suited for this demanding environment. With our intelligent workplace solutions, we design efficient and ergonomic control rooms. We connect disparate systems onto a single platform, enable real-time data access from any workplace, visualize applications, deploy layers of redundancy, facilitate efficient workflows, and thus ensure continuity and security in the supply of water and energy to the population. 

Man in control room in front of screens and video walls
Close-up of the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard

Benefits of WEYTEC Solutions for Public Utilities and Energy Suppliers

  • Intuitive usability and ergonomics
  • Enhanced efficiency with reduced workflow complexity
  • Scalable and modular architecture
  • One device to interact with multiple sources and disparate subsystems
  • Lowest possible latency and real-time interaction
  • Collaborative working environments and flexible seating
  • Business Continuity with multi-site networking
  • Hardware-based solutions, independent from software updates

Control Room Solution for the Recycling Company Renova Group

The Renova Group is a waste management company operating in numerous municipalities in western Sweden. Renova has a sustainable approach to recycling and waste management, including zero-emission garbage collection vehicles. When Renova introduced a new SCADA system to monitor their daily logistics and recycling processes, their legacy system remained fully operational and ran in parallel throughout the transition phase. Renova relied on the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM solution (WDP) for this. The WDP enables the integration of multiple systems and a virtually unlimited number of sources, all of which are accessible from any workplace, in accordance with user rights profiles. The control center workplaces were also equipped with our multifunctional smartTOUCH keyboards, so that the operators could switch easily between the two SCADA systems.

More information about our control room solution for the Renova Group here:


Case Study: Renova Miljö

Exterior shot of the Renova recycling plant at night

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