smartVISUAL plus – a dynamic workplace solution that gives you more

Experience an interactive workplace solution that gives you more. Taking tried-and-true smartVISUAL technology and adding an interactive and intuitive user interface, smartVISUAL plus offers added value in multi-window operation. Discover a setup designed for the seamless and secure operations organizations need to succeed in fast-paced environments and sectors where every second counts.

smartVISUAL plus draws on the technology organizations know and love from other WEYTEC solutions and combines them with a new and easy-to-use UI. This holistic solution is made with users in mind – so they can hit the ground running with a workplace setup that works for them. Video, audio, keyboard and mouse signals are transmitted via KVM extenders and the network infrastructure. Users can switch between inputs using keyboard shortcuts and the layout pop-up in a dynamic interactive environment. They enjoy ergonomic comfort and rapid response times in an environment designed for productivity and decision-making at pace.

Like smartVISUAL and other WEYTEC solutions, this dynamic workplace solution prioritizes peace of mind. smartVISUAL plus provides proven Swiss-Made quality from a pioneer in the world of workplace solutions. Redundancy, resilience and the latest in encryption technology offer the security and stability organizations need in an era where data protection is a top priority.

Benefits of smartVISUAL plus:

  • Integrated workplace solution for interactive workplace environments
  • New smartVISUAL UI enables control of transmitters and receivers
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly setup for ease of use
  • Rapid and responsive with lowest possible latency
  • Switch between sources using keyboard shortcuts or the optional layout pop-up
  • Secure signal transmission using encryption
  • A resilient and redundant system
  • Ongoing development for a long lifecycle

smartVISUAL plus technical features:

Control transmitters and receivers in an integrated easy-to-use system.

Use keyboard shortcuts or the layout pop-up to switch between inputs with ease.

Seamless working on various sources with 3D mouse.

Video, audio and keyboard and mouse signals are transmitted via network infrastructure and WEYTEC KVM extenders with flexible triggering options.

In a world where data protection is paramount, cutting-edge encryption technology ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

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