Flexible Workplace Solutions for Radio and TV Studios

From the audience's perspective, a radio announcer or TV host's job seems easy enough. But behind the scenes at TV studios and radio stations, complex processes are taking place. Reporting the latest news means gathering, checking, sorting and processing information from multiple data sources, sometimes under enormous time pressure. Producing entertainment programs requires great flexibility, the ability to react to changing situations at any moment. Radio and TV hosts need flexible workplace solutions that can be adapted to their requirements. WEYTEC workplace solutions provide optimal support in this environment. Starting with a thorough workflow analysis, we analyze the individual needs of the staff and adapt our solutions to the specifics of the radio and TV production and broadcast studios. Our solution bundles and provides centralized control of all the information sources. WEYTEC creates workplaces that are tailored to the needs of the staff and are flexible tools for daily use in radio and TV control rooms.

Image of WEYTEC smartTOUCH Flex and keyboard in front of two screens

Benefits of WEYTEC Solutions for Broadcast & Media:

  • Intuitive usability and ergonomics
  • Enhanced efficiency with reduced workflow complexity
  • Scalable and modular architecture
  • One device to interact with multiple sources and disparate subsystems
  • Lowest possible latency and real-time interaction
  • Collaborative working environments and flexible seating
  • Business Continuity with multi-site networking
  • Hardware-based solutions, independent from software updates

Modernizing Radio Zürisee's Broadcast Studio

Radio Zürisee delights their audience of over 166,000 listeners with a colorful mix of entertainment and information every day. Their team of radio show hosts need reliable and high-performance workplaces to prepare and broadcast their shows. This radio studio relies on workplace solutions from WEYTEC. With the implementation of the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP), all data sources were connected to a centralized platform and can be accessed by all employees from their workplaces. At the desk, our flexible layout management for the displays enhances the user's overview. Moderators can operate all their systems easily and intuitively with our smartTOUCH keyboard, arrange information sources on the displays, and access any relevant source at the touch of a button. This simplifies workflows and creates a more comfortable and ergonomic working environment in the broadcast studio.

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Interior view of the radio studio with production equipment

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