ultraFLEX miniPC

High performance, low power, very small form factor

The ultraFLEX miniPCs are full function computers optimized for size and power consumption. Deployable both as thin clients and fully-fledged high-performance PCs, they are suitable for hybrid desktop and virtualized environments - and offer many attractive advantages:

  • ultraFLEX miniPCs satisfy requirements in the most demanding multi-screen environments due to the enormous graphics output. A single ultraFLEX can drive up to seven screens supporting ultra-high 4K resolutions. The cooling design keeps the ultraFLEX almost completely silent.
  • ultraFLEX miniPCs come in the space-saving standard Eurocard form factor. The two, three and four slot versions require adjacent slots in a standard Eurocard chassis.
  • ultraFLEX miniPCs are extremely compact and are mounted in a standalone desk chassis or a 19” chassis, both available with single or redundant power supplies.
  • Each ultraFLEX miniPC can be customized to meet individual user needs. They are available with a variety of processors and memory configurations and for multiple operating systems.
  • The ultraFLEX miniPC comes with a variety of interfaces für maximum flexibility: Dual SuperSpeed 3.0 USB, Dual High Speed USB 2.0, Dual-SATA III, DisplayPort / Mini DisplayPort, Dual RJ45 für Gigabit Ethernet, audio output with 16-bit stereo output and audio input with microphone or Line-In

At a glance 

  • Maximum availability: hot-swappable during ongoing operations
  • Low power consumption
  • Enormous speed and processing power with market-leading processors
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Low noise


SSD / RAID technology 

ultraFLEX miniPCs use SSD (Solid State Drive) technology for fast booting and high performance.

Dual gigabit ethernet 

Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports provide two IP addresses so that the ultraFLEX can run in two independent networks simultaneously.

Power to performance 

Low power consumption is at the heart of the ultraFLEX Mini PC, ensuring high performance with very low CO2 emissions. Power consumption is only 10 W when driving two screens, or 20 W with three screens.

Power supplies 

Redundant power supplies for both desk and rack versions provide another level of security.

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Deployable as a thin client or a high-performance PC.


Individual CPU and RAM configuration options.

Powerful graphics 

Supports 4K resolutions and capable of driving two, three, five or seven screens


Immense power at an incredible density.


Made in Switzerland with the highest attention to quality and workmanship.


ultraFLEX miniPC

The perfect PC for KVM solutions

+ Small but powerful. The most compact and power-efficient professional mini PC
+ Perfect integration and easy cabling with WEYTEC KVM solutions in a singel chassis


The ultraFLEX miniPC is a compact and efficient mini PC that is built for 24/7 operations. It can be installed at the workplace or in the system room. It is capable of driving two to seven screens and features a full range of interfaces. The ultraFLEX minPC provides maximum power with a minimum footprint.

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  • Green IT
  • Extremely low noise and heat emissions
  • Supports up to seven screens and 5K resolutions
  • Flexible and individual CPU, RAM and SSD configurations
  • Redundant power supplies (optional)


To download manuals, software, firmware etc., please go to myWEYTEC and create your own personal account.


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WEYTEC ultraFLEX miniPCs are only one element of our turnkey solutions. Check out our complete product portfolio.  

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