High Performance Workplace Solutions on Energy Trading Floors for Tomorrow.

Trading flows and processes in Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) are complex, dynamic and volatile. The speed of trading on energy exchanges such as IPEX or EPEX accelerates steadily. Traders and analysts in energy trading rooms need stable, reliable, high-performance tools to maintain the overview and successfully execute even short-term trades under extreme time pressure. Our workplace solutions offer just that. We deploy flexible seating concepts that enable traders to move about and collaborate within teams. With flexible layout management, traders can arrange the information on all their displays individually and control them quickly and easily with predefined hot keys on their smartTOUCH keyboards. This is how we create workplaces where traders perform optimally, and utilities successfully execute their trades.

 Man in trading business in front of several screens
Close-up of WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard in front of screens

Benefits of WEYTEC Solutions on Energy Trading Floors:

  • User-friendly and ergonomic solutions
  • One keyboard/mouse to interact with multiple sources and systems
  • Scalable and modular architecture to accommodate sources, systems and traders
  • Full redundancy
  • Lowest possible latency and fastest response times, real-time interactions
  • APIs to automate workflows and support situational awareness
  • Collaborative working environments and flexible seating
  • Business Continuity with multi-site networking
  • Hardware-based solutions, independent from software updates

Ergonomic and High-Performance: New Trading Floor for AXPO Solutions AG

The AXPO Group is the largest energy supplier in Switzerland and an international leader in energy trading. Given their many years of experience on energy markets, AXPO understands both the opportunity and risk in the sector, and participates directly in the most important European energy trading exchanges. AXPO chose our trading floor workplace solutions to fulfill the rigorous requirements in their energy trading room. All the traders' computers were relocated to a server room, freeing-up office space and optimizing the room climate. Fiber optics connect the server room to the trading floor, and traders can access any computer from any desk. Flexible seating simplifies collaboration within and between teams.

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Interior view of the server room with numerous server racks

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