smartUX plus – the streamlined workplace solution with real added value.

Speed, security and stability make for smart solutions. These benefit every business, from major conglomerates to smaller-scale organizations. These rapidly evolving operational environments seek workplace optimization solutions that offer immediacy and flexibility as they look to make a mark on their industry.

That’s where smartUX plus comes in. It’s the Swiss-made workplace solution for simpler, smaller-scale operations offering maximum impact in a cost-effective setup. Its user-friendly interface with ergonomic design make it easy to manage multiple computer sources using just a single keyboard and mouse. Rapid response times and near-zero latency enable real-time interactions and fast-paced decision-making. Meanwhile, resilience, redundancy and top-line encryption technology provide maximum security and stability for full peace of mind. smartUX plus represents the ultimate in workplace efficiency for organizations with less complex requirements – all from a leading expert in workplace optimization.

Ready to expand your operations? This powerful solution is designed to evolve and grow with you: the scalability and flexibility of smartUX plus offers an upgrade option to a WDP MX® solution. Opt for a simplified system that does more for your business.

smartUX plus Logo in front of system room
Man works at a smartUX plus workplace with a standard keyboard

Benefits of the smartUX plus solution:

  • Cost-effective and efficient workplace solution for systems with simpler requirements
  • Rapid and responsive with lowest possible latency
  • One keyboard, one mouse – for instant, secure access to the sources you need
  • Switch between sources using keyboard shortcuts or the smartUX menu
  • User-friendly interface and ergonomic comfort make life easier
  • Secure signal transmission using encryption
  • Peerless resilience with redundant power supply and optional network redundancy
  • Flexibility and scalability enabling upgrade to a full WDP MX® solution – safeguarding your investment as your business expands
  • Ongoing development for a long lifecycle
smartUX plus workplace with one standard keyboard, one mouse and two screens

smartUX plus technical features:

Simple, convenient and intuitive operations with only a standard keyboard and mouse  – for a workplace that works for you.

WEYTEC KVM extenders and network infrastructure are used to transmit video, audio and keyboard and mouse signals.

Move between numerous sources with ease using keyboard shortcuts designed for user-friendly operation when it counts.

Today, data protection is more crucial for companies than ever before. Cutting-edge encryption technology helps protect your data for maximum peace of mind.

Switch to pre-defined sources using configured presets.

Control of peripheral systems such as light and door control is possible via IP I/O contacts.

The system is scalable and can be upgraded to full-scale WDP MX® solutions for a range of additional features and benefits.

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