“Black boxes” and flight data recorders have been installed in commercial airplanes since the 1950s, recording conversations and important instrument data during flights. Recording exactly what occurs helps reconstruct incidents for post incident analysis, reporting, process optimization, training purposes and technical investigations. Meanwhile, BlackBoxes have become indispensable not only for the aviation industry, but also for control rooms for transportation, public security, utilities, industry and financial trading floors.

WEYTEC develops and produces the hardware-based multimedia recording tool in collaboration with its partner SkySoft ATM, a subsidiary of Skyguide. This non-intrusive solution captures high-resolution screens (including UHD) as well as audio channels, mouse clicks and keystrokes. It has never been easier to document and evaluate incidents.


  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Event analysis, reporting and training purposes 
  • Process optimization
  • Fully integrated with WEYTEC Collaboration solutions

Reliable replication and reconstruction of the digital work environment

With the SkyRec BlackBox solutions, users can access recorded data in seconds and replay the voice, video and serial channels synchronously - thus reconstructing the exact digital working environment at the time of an incident or a transaction. An advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) search engine make it easy to instantly retrieve, reconstruct and replay specific events.


Your complete package with the SkyRec BlackBox:

  • Equips high-performance workplaces with event recording and playback functionality.
  • Workplace recording can be used together with a WEYTEC KVM Matrix solution.
  • Establishes cost-effective, secure and affordable recording landscapes.
  • Compliant with legal requirements for recording voice, screen, keyboard and mouse.
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The modular design offers optimum flexibility with regard to the number and type of signals to be recorded. Depending on the model, recordings can be made "at the glass" (for a single video signal on a screen or a video wall), "at the desk" (for KVMA signals from several sources) or in the "server room" (for parallel recording of multiple information sources).


A unique HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides instant access to relevant time frames using an advanced search tool. The synchronized data can be exported to standard media such as USB sticks, DVD, CD, portable HDD, etc. The solution provides synchronized, multimedia playback of audio, video, serial channels, mouse and keyboard data to fully replicate an event.


State-of-the-art lossless compression technology minimizes data storage and bandwidth requirements. Recorded material is identical to the original. Even when compressed more than 25,000 times, the data is not altered.


The SkyRec BlackBox solution is easy to maintain with hot-pluggable components and recording cards. The system's reliability boasts extremely high MTBF values (mean time between faults) of approx. 60,000 hours.


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