Specialized for your unique solution

... because WEYTEC's strengths lie in its ability to tackle complex requirements. Our goal is the optimal solution in terms of user-friendliness, operational security, data security, speed, infrastructure as well as environmental and safety requirements. In addition to our standard products, WEYTEC has the resources to develop new solutions that are individually adapted to your specific needs.

Our principle: 100% quality for every project. All the products are designed, developed and realized in our WEYTEC development center at our main location in Switzerland. Here, our experts work in interdisciplinary teams and with state-of-the-art analysis, measurement and test instruments. WEYTEC specializes in unique customized solutions, which outperform standard solutions for unique situations. 

Product development expertise 

Putting our profound expertise and years of experience at your service, we are happy to develop your tailor-made solution.

Flyer Professional services

Development and Production

A major portion of the electronic components and products we use are developed and manufactured by us directly - according to state-of-the-art trends and technology. This makes us independent, fast and flexible. WEYTEC customers benefit directly from this because we can offer tailor-made products and solutions for complex and unique requirements.


Comparison of devices and components

The products we deploy satisfy the most stringent requirements in terms of reliability and quality. Our mandate is to respect your wishes and achieve your specifications in the best possible way. As a complementary service, we also offer the testing and comparison of third-party devices and components such as screens, connectors or cabling.


Conclusive measurements

Technical verification or compatibility testing of electronic systems and IT devices as well as rigourous fault analysis are only possible with interdisciplinary expertise and state-of-the-art investigation methods and instruments. WEYTEC offers you these services -  whether you are an existing or new customer. Meaningful analysis and measurements allow us to draw conclusions about performance, potential faults and system enhancements. We will be happy to show you the results.


Questions anyone?

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