A success story: from the past to the present and into the future

WEYTEC has been growing for more than 35 years – rising to meet new challenges and exceed expectations. Our disciplined aspirations, spirit of innovation and a multitude of projects with smart solutions for every complexity prove that we are on the right track. 

1980 – 1984

The Beginning

The inspiration to establish a new enterprise came about in 1980 when the Zurich Stock Exchange issued a request for a proposal to distribute data from 24 terminals (e.g. PCs) to 600 stock exchange trader screens. With an ingenious idea and an unstoppable will to offer a perfect solution, Hubert Wey developed the first monochrome video matrix - technically unequalled at the time - within only 6 months. This project marked the beginning of the WEYTEC success story. But growth and profits were never top priority for Hubert Wey. The primary objective of the founder was to establish a small yet highly specialized company focusing on trading room solutions for banks. The first milestone in the history of WEYTEC was the founding in 1984 of WEY Elektronik AG by Hubert and Marlise Wey.

Did you know, that ...

... the products and solutions which Hubert Wey produced exclusively for banks were constantly being adapted and improved upon. The resourceful entrepreneur always sought direct contact with customers, because he believed that this was the only way to create needs-based, customized solutions. His goal was to provide a full range of professional services from development to production, sales, installation and maintenance – all from a single source. A philosophy that WEYTEC still lives by today.

1984 – 2003

The Growth of the Company

WEY Elektronik AG developed the first monochrome monitor in 1984, followed by high-resolution twisted pair data transmission lines in 1986. From 1988 onwards, a series of RGB video converters made the company renowned far beyond Swiss borders. With Mario Okle and Armin Klingler, who joined the company in 1993 and 1995 respectively, the organization was reinforced to face future challenges.

In 1994, Mario Okle and Hubert Wey saw an opportunity to penetrate a niche market with a new product. A major bank based in Zurich was completely re-equipping its trading room. Okle and Wey analyzed competitive products and designed a video switch system of their own, combining the advantages of systems available on the market into one single product. The problem was, it only existed on paper. "Our solution was half the size and half as expensive as the rival systems. But looking back, it was sheer madness to offer a product at that stage. But, we got the deal", recalls Mario Okle, remembering the start of a fantastic success story.

Trader workplaces in the 1990s already had multiple screens to display information from a wide array of systems and sources. WEYTEC products made it possible even then to quickly and comfortably control up to 8 monitors with a single keyboard and mouse, and distribute data signals between various users.

Since 1996, WEY Technology has established a sales organization with subsidiaries all over the world. In parallel, the company's product range has been developed and expanded continuously. 

2003 – today

Ongoing Development and Specialization

Since a management buyout in 2003, WEYTEC has been owned in equal shares by Armin Klingler, the business economist, and Mario Okle, the ETH engineer. In 2018, WEYTEC expanded its ownership base. To remain successful as a world market leader and outfitter of international financial centers, also in times of the strong Swiss Franc, banking crises and export doldrums, the owners must make the right decisions consistently - early in the game and with foresight. 

In 2004, Klingler and Okle decided to steer WEYTEC in a new direction. The compelling idea: bundling, controlling and visualizing real-time data in complex and mission-critical environments is also a challenge in control rooms - whether for air traffic control, traffic management, power plants, water supply or security. The two company owners recruited external know-how and turned the business model on its head. Not only were the technical requirements for control rooms very different from those for trading floors, but there were a host of other new challenges. Interacting with new kinds of clients, often from the public sector, and managing complex public tender processes broke new ground. Today, the reorientation is paying off. WEYTEC is the world market leader for the technical provisioning of trading floors and is increasingly active in the area of command and control rooms. WEYTEC is proud to count many of the world's leading banks and security centers among its customers. The Group encompasses WEYTEC in Unterengstringen, Switzerland as well as numerous, rapidly growing subsidiaries all over the world. The product portfolio undergoes continuous development, expansion and innovation. Electronic and digital technology is manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities in Unterengstringen near Zurich, where WEYTEC can easily adapt to special customer requirements.

WEYTEC is now active in 45 countries and has deployed >50,000 workplaces for >500 major customers worldwide.