It is time to talk seriously about Business Continuity.

Smart KVM Solutions for Business Continuity

WEYTEC has helped dozens of organizations deploy business continuity solutions which protect ongoing operations during times of crises. Called “Business Continuity” or “Disaster Recovery” solutions, they normally involve setting up back-up sites to maintain operations during so-called disasters. Based on the unique multi-site capabilities of the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, trading floors and control rooms (for public security, utilities, cities, traffic management, airports & air traffic control and process-driven industry) just `keep on truckin´, no matter what.

Personal hygienic keyboards

An added benefit of WEYTEC workplaces with smartTOUCH keyboards, is that during health crises, traders and operators always use their own personal keyboard inlays. The exchangeable snap-in units enable hygienic workplace and desk sharing among multiple staff members.

You can read more about WEYTEC Business Continuity KVM solutions in this whitepaper. For more information about how WEYTEC can help your organization plan for emergencies, please contact your local WEYTEC representative or send us an email at info(at)