High-performance trading floor and Business Continuity solution for Zürcher Kantonalbank

WEYTEC deploys KVM trader workplaces for ZKB that save energy and ensure operational security

Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) is the fourth largest bank in Switzerland with the highest possible credit rating from the most important rating agencies. Hence, ZKB is one of the safest banks in the world. ZKB migrated from a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructur) environment with thin clients and blade PCs to a hardware-based KVM solution deployed on the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM.  WEYTEC equipped 240 trader desks with multifunctional, ergonomic smartTOUCH keyboards. The high-performance workplaces are extremely reliable, easy to maintain and very energy efficient. An internal ZKB study calculates that the Green IT solution from WEYTEC reduces their CO2 footprint by over 75.6 metric tons per year.

WEYTEC's multi-site Business Continuity solution with hot-standby PCs and flexible free seating ensures operational resilience for the bank’s trading floor. And then came COVID-19. And now, thanks to their WEYTEC solution, ZKB employees work at two different locations with social distancing, keeping everyone safer. That’s the WEYTEC effect.


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