Strategic partnership with Multi Surya Tunggal, PT (MST)

WEYTEC announces collaboration with Indonesian partner

WEYTEC Asia Pacific is delighted to announce that WEYTEC and Multi Surya Tunggal, PT (MST), a leading service provider for communication network infrastructure for the financial market in Indonesia, have entered into a strategic partnership to leverage mutual trading room solutions capabilities and services in Indonesia. The partnership presents new opportunities for WEYTEC to access an untapped market in Indonesia and to continue to expand in the Asia Pacific.

Giuseppe Zaccaria, Managing Director of WEYTEC Asia Pacific, said: “Our objective is to grow and create new opportunities by combining the industry leading strengths of both companies. MST brings a depth of knowledge in the market for trading room solutions and a superb reputation in Indonesia to the partnership. WEYTEC will be able to offer the best solutions and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction in the form of increased services and responsiveness, reduced costs and technology advancements.”

We are very excited about the new opportunities brought about by this partnership and we look forward to working closely with MST to develop the business as a joint strategic effort.