WEYTEC transforms its logo!

Why are we making the change?

Digitization has been the focus of WEYTEC for years and is now reflected in the corporate design. The high contrast between the lettering and the background symbolizes the digital world.

WEYTEC does not offer closed, but open systems. The distinctive typography and the open frame symbolize individuality, flexibility, extendibility and openness for new ideas.

The opening also represents force and energy that moves upwards and to the right. WEYTEC endeavors to offer customers solutions which propel them upwards and forward.

WEYTEC focuses on humans at their workplaces. High-performance workplaces consist of rectangular elements such as desks, computers, a video wall, a keyboard, screens, keypads, etc. These rectangles comprise a WEYTEC solution. 

The yellow-green colour conveys the freshness, energy, clarity
and joy triggered by intuitive, high-tech and easy-to-use systems. The dark blue stands for our core characteristics: security, trust, reliability.

“smart” is the personality of our brand. "Simplification" alone falls short: Everyone can do simple things, but our approach is to take something complex and make it simple: Do it smart.