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Control room operators protect our society, infrastructure, public services, utilities and the standard of living of millions of people around the world, day in and day out.
Traders monitor global markets to maximize our economic interests and security.

Everything you need:
1 keyboard, 1 mouse and the expertise from WEYTEC

With our KVM solution, WEYTEC provides you with a smart, uncluttered and intuitive workplace, so that operators can control complex multi-source systems in a centralized, efficient and effective manner.

In control rooms and trading floors around the world, operators appreciate WEYTEC's workplace optimization solutions for over 35 years. The Swiss experts are now extending the capabilities and benefits of KVM solutions to take workflow efficiency and effectiveness to new levels.

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Smart KVM Solutions from WEYTEC


Flexible, multi-site access to all your computers and information sources: With the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP) you can integrate and control analog and digital systems, legacy and third-party solutions such as cameras and video walls in an independent IP network.

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KVM systems that fit your requirements: WEYTEC's experts will be happy to create the best solution for you - practical and user-friendly.

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KVM solutions in action

Trust is good, but over 50,000 testimonials are better. KVM solutions from WEYTEC perform all day and everyday. See for yourself and be inspired by workplace solutions that really work.

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Solutions from WEYTEC:

Reduced to the essentials - maximized for flexibility and efficiency

The amount of data that we control and process has exploded in recent years. Control room operators need to process and manage more and more information in less and less time. And always make the right decision. Operators and organizations cannot afford mistakes due to "display delay" or not finding the right information at the crucial moment.  

WEYTEC does just this: We simplify complex tasks and make them smart, so that you can concentrate on your mission-critical job. Take advantage of these attractive benefits:

Your advantages

  • Clear, intuitive user interfaces
  • Simple access to all systems
  • A clutter-free workplace and comfortable working environment
  • Straightforward display of all relevant information on the preferred screens

What is a KVM solution and what advantages does it offer?

With a KVM solution (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) from WEYTEC you can control all your computers and systems with a single keyboard and mouse, displaying all the information on one screen, or switching to additional screens as needed.

Heat and noise emissions are eliminated because the computers are not located at the desk, but are housed centrally in a server room. This provides modern, ergonomic workplaces (for example, with height-adjustable tables) that enhance operator efficiency and workflow security.

Never make mistakes when it really matters.

Another great advantage: When time is of the essence and you have to be fast, or at decisive moments during an emergency when an alarm goes off, our multifunctional keyboard with touchscreen, the WEYTEC smartTOUCH, makes it easier to keep track of everything. You only need one user interface to control all your sources, systems, peripherals, screens, etc. You don't have to change your radius of movement to reach everything you need.

Security, efficiency, stability and IT system availability with smart, ergonomic and clearly arranged workplaces: Everyone benefits from WEYTEC.

Secure and cost-effective: KVM over IP

WEYTEC provides KVM solutions that store, cool and protect all of your PCs and information sources in a central server room where they are easy to maintain. The advantages of centralization:

  • Save power
  • Prolong the lifetime of your hardware
  • Increase IT security
  • Eliminate costs for MACs (Moves, adds and changes)

Watch the KVM over IP movie to learn more:

One word. Awesome. Consolidating our many workstations into one reduced our workload for maintaining and updating OS and software. We recommend WEYTEC as a system provider to other 911 call centers and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

Greg Jacobsen
911 Emergency Communication Center's Radio System Specialist, Nebraska, USA

The WEYTEC products are unique in the market. They offered exactly what we needed, and exactly solved our problem.

Roman von Siebenthal
Head Spot & Forward Trader bei Axpo Solutions, Schweiz

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