Customized KVM solutions

Working with WEYTEC means: We think of everything - and mostly about you.

A dedicated screen for each system? This is inefficient, unwieldy and not ergonomic - furthermore, each control room has its own specific requirements. WEYTEC takes a different approach: Our practice-oriented experts will work with you to analyze which functions and products you really need, and how to install or integrate an optimal workplace environment within the your existing IT landscape. We fulfill the most demanding requirements - in no small part because we develop and manufacture all of our own software and hardware products, including KVM extenders and multifunctional keyboards. This builds the basis for a customized solution concept that addresses every aspect of customer requirements.

Flexible and adapted to your unique requirements, and implemented in a highly professional and precise manner. This is what distinguishes WEYTEC's KVM solutions.

Customizable, smart and modular:
Solutions from WEYTEC



With IP-based KVM extenders, WPP transmits keyboard, video, mouse and audio signals on a point-to-point basis. You benefit from a fully integrated environment with intuitive switching between sources: simply drag the mouse pointer over the edge of a screen.

Your Benefits:

  • Computers housed securely and efficiently in the server room
  • No PCs or other information sources at the workplace
  • Cost-effective KVM IP extenders
  • Control up to 16 PCs with only one standard keyboard and mouse (via USB deskswitches)
  • Designed for 24/7 continuous operations

Technical Details:

  • High-speed IP transmission in real-time
  • Elimination of heat, noise and electromagnetic emissions in the office
  • Independent of client software and network platforms
  • Protects IT resources and ensures data security
  • Control multiple PCs with a single standard keyboard and mouse using a KVM switch (optional)
  • Mouse switching (supports multiple screens with different resolutions)
  • Forward compatibility to WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM solutions


With a WDP, you can also access computers and information sources across multiple locations. All you need is a single independent IP network that integrates all your analog, digital, legacy and third-party systems, as well as cameras and video walls.

Your Benefits:

  • Computers housed securely and efficiently in the server room
  • No PCs or other information sources at the workplace
  • No software or driver installations necessary
  • Intuitive operation with the unique, multifunctional WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard with touch screen (to customize, view, control, interact - and more ...)
  • Free choice of location (also across multiple sites)
  • Modular and adaptable, scalable and future-proof
  • Designed for 24/7 continuous operations

Technical Details:

  • Based on KVM IP extenders
  • Unlimited number of workplaces and screens per desk
  • Unlimited number of computers can be switched flexibly
  • Integration of multiple personal and shared video walls
  • Multiple locations and server rooms for redundancy and business continuity
  • Users, groups and roles management
  • Independent of customer network

Do you know?

The integration of third-party solutions is also supported by the WDP solution!

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It was as if the WEYTEC staff was working for the bank.

Tony Centofanti
Chief Operating Officer Trading & Sales, Pictet Group, Switzerland

IAA would recommend the WEYTEC solution to other airport operators and specifically air navigation service providers (ANSP), as it provides a completely unique way of managing disparate systems.

Peter Nolan
Head of ATM Systems and Technology, Irish Aviation Authority, Irland

Workplace Optimization with the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP)

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