KVM Alarm Server

infraMaster is an alarm server that issues priority-based alarms to the responsible parties. Both manual and automatic action sequences can be defined for specific incidents. Automated event-controlled actions, such as displaying video images and triggering workflow processes, can be realized within an integrated WEYTEC KVM environment.

At a glance

  • Platform-independent, web-based operation
  • Unified authentication process via SSO
  • Configurable event and alarm handling
  • Logging of all status changes and operator interventions
  • Multiple interfaces (APIs) to third-party systems  (OPC, ModBus TCP, SOAP/XML, TCP/IP ASCII, Dig. IO)
  • Redundant configurations are optional
  • Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions



… event-driven



... with automatic authentification and authorization


Monitoring and control systems deployed in control rooms and on trading rooms generate so-called “events” that are based on various factors. These can be changing status, exceeding or shortfalling certain thresholds, or resulting from complex analysis processes such as facial recognition. These events are transferred to the alarm server which triggers appropriate measures, based upon the configuration.

One approach is to program and activate event-based presets. For example, pre-defined sources can automatically be switched to monitors and video walls, ensuring that critical information is always prominently displayed.  

Presets are activated via the WDP control when the alarm server communicates with the WEYTEC WDP server. Users are automatically authenticated and authorized by the integrated SSO interface to the WDP.

The alarm server is configured via an intuitive web-based interface.

Application example

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