KVM Voice Switching

LAPS (Local Audio Processing and Switching) consists of an audio DSP, a voice switching controller and operating software. It switches, mixes and outputs a variety of analog and digital audio signals from telephones, Polycom, analog radio and PC sources. The system is operated directly at the workplace via the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard touch screen.  

Workplaces are equipped with an LED signal tower that is connected and powered via the network. LAPS is modular in design and can be easily adapted to local requirements.

At a glance

  • Network-compatible standard solution for voice switching
  • Connection to analog and IP telephony systems
  • Configurable audio processor with individual level control for each input and output
  • Preference settings and user presets
  • Simple operation via WEYTEC smartTOUCH
  • Status indicator is a configurable LED signal tower with PoE
  • Voice devices continue to be available as backup (redundancy)
  • Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM Products and Solutions



… with a headset



... using a smartTOUCH keyboard

Operation and visualization

Fully integrated with WEYTEC KVM solutions, switching between voice systems is executed directly via the touch screen of the smartTOUCH keyboard. Upon the event of an incoming call, audio sources can be switched on or off automatically, depending on the configuration. Users can define and adjust their individual settings.

A configurable LED indicator displays the status of telephone and radio connections. Presets can be assigned for each voice application.

Application Example

At desks equipped with LAPS, multiple voice and audio sources can be used independently or in combination with eachother, and switched to a headset and/or a loudspeaker using the smartTOUCH keyboard. The LED signal tower indicates the status of the staff member.

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