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When connecting the broadest variety of sources, rely on a flawless system that is stable and built to last, unaffected by PC updates and exceptionally user-friendly.

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Users can access their applications, information sources and computers from multiple locations. All sources, workstations, personal as well as shared video walls are integrated within a single independent IP network. With the smartVISUAL solution, different sources can be displayed in scalable windows on one or more monitors or video walls.

WDP solutions can be extended with a variety of third-party solutions - from encryption and 2FA to the monitoring of IP-based components.

The System room

All the computers and sources are centrally located in a server room. This is a secure and flexible design approach which significantly reduces noise, heat and cable stress in the workplace environment. In addition, centralization simplifies the administration and maintenance of IT systems.

Multiple locations

Users can work from different, redundant locations and even access the same systems concurrently. If one site fails, work continues seamlessly at another. Multiple sites can be operated in parallel for Business Continuity.

Remote access

Users can access existing systems from anywhere - regardless of location - and enjoy all the same functionality as from within the office.

Third party integration

Standard interfaces enable the integration of a wide variety of peripheral systems. This simplifies the operation of diverse systems using the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard.

Only one keyboard and mouse

One keyboard and one mouse - with an unlimited number of sources and screens. All the other technical equipment is removed or relocated away from the desk. Tidy workplaces help you concentrate on the essentials and work more efficiently.

Free seating concept

Users can access their own digital desk from any physical workplace. A very flexible user rights management enables access to all content required at and location. This simplifies and strengthens team collaboration, and saves space in the control room and on the trading floor.

In an extensive project like this, situations arise during implementation that require changes which were unforeseen during the decision making phase. For example, the number of computers to be integrated rose continuously, which was never a problem with the IP-based solution from WEYTEC. Furthermore, the redundancy concept safeguards against failures and helps us to ensure the supply of utilities to our region. This is a great advantage of the WEYTEC solution.

Ron Christiansen
Project Manager for Plant Engineering for the City of Flensburg, Germany

This solution ensures that we can add more systems in the future without having to make major changes to the current configuration.

Antony Felixraj
Senior Manager Technology and Management, Canara Bank, India

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