Public Security

Reliability for 24/7 Operations

Control rooms for public security are highly sensitive environments where every second counts and can mean the difference between life and death. Processes and workflows must be carried out efficiently, quickly and without error to make the right decisions every time - criteria that speak for WEYTEC technology. It ensures purposeful alerting, and the control and management of all activities in command centers for police departments, fire brigades, security services, prisons, border patrols and the military.

WEYTEC solutions for public security enable the exchange of real-time video material and other detailed information between the field and the operations centers, for example, on 24/7 video walls. Geographically separate emergency call centers can be consolidated to one location - optimizing workflows and collaboration between departments, resulting in faster response times from the detection of events to their resolution. WEYTEC technologies raise the level of support for officers, managers and operators to new levels, e.g. with alarming procedures for reinforcements and special units, by multicasting or broadcasting key information to the experts, or by researching databases and reference works. Operators using a single multifunctional keyboard enjoy one-click access to all their assigned computers, sources and applications - even across multiple locations. WEYTEC facilitates flexible and efficient collaboration, immediate situational awareness and structured responses to ensure public safety.

The Benefits of WEYTEC Solutions for Public Security

  • Faster reactions to events.
  • More efficient access to mission-critical applications and data.
  • Collaborative teamwork.
  • Local and remote control of procedures, video walls and mobile devices.
  • Integrated control of multiple systems.
  • No PC applications or software required.
  • Simple and intuitive operation of diverse systems.
  • Optimum overview and simple access control.
  • Data access security and control with high-tech solutions.
  • Optimal information flows from different systems.
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We recommend these solutions:

IP Remote

KVM signal extension
Secure remotization of the PCs away from the control room environment


Signal switching and collaboration 
Optimized information exchange across multiple locations, simultaneous and user-specific.


Control all your systems 
Fast and intuitive operation of multiple systems with a single keyboard and mouse (and a person)


Flexible visualization
Overview of every situation with content visibility from every location and workplace.


Reliable workplace recording
Recording and reconstruction of incidents for training purposes. 

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WEYTEC creates fully integrated KVM workplace solutions for control rooms in the public security sector. 

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