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Control rooms for maximum security and performance

KVM solutions play a crucial role in the 24/7 operations environment in the aviation industry. Airport control rooms for security, air traffic control, air traffic management, ground control, baggage handling, etc - all have something in common: there is hardly enough space for the control rooms and the extensive equipment needed to ensure smooth and safe operations. WEYTEC solutions are the first choice for some of the world's busiest airports, meeting the highest quality requirements for fail-safe and durable systems in mission-critical environments. Whether for efficient and ergonomic workplaces in the ATC tower, for air traffic managers coordinating arrivals and departures or for ground control, WEYTEC solutions are indispensable in the aviation industry.


WEYTEC solutions –
the right choice for airport control rooms

Air Traffic Management

Improves concentration and creates optimal ergonomic working conditions. Real-time access to computers housed in centralized equipment rooms according to user rights profiles. 

Air Traffic Control

WEYTEC solutions simplify the coordination of arrivals and departures, the monitoring of overflight traffic, and much more. The highest reliability of all IT components guarantees security in the tower.

Security Control Rooms

WEYTEC solutions ensure premium security and optimized processes on the ground, simplified monitoring of all operations and fast switching between different display scenarios - also in combination with video walls.

The benefits of our solutions for Airports

  • Main Air Traffic Control Tower can take over tasks for a remote tower.
  • Supporting all common computer and video signal formats, including UHD/4K.
  • Maximize space with modular and flexible components.
  • Computers can be housed separately from end users - even over longer distances.
  • Enhanced overview of critical workflows with only a single multifunctional input device at the desk.
  • Noise and heat reduction at the workplace improve powers of concentration.
  • Enhanced teamwork, collaboration and workflow efficiency.
  • Increased system performance, accuracy and security.
  • Instant real-time access to data and video sources from any ("remote") computer.
  • Highest Mean Time Between Faults (MTBF) and system reliability on the market.
  • Redundant systems for seamless operation in mission-critical environments.
  • Hot-swappable components for increased reliability.
  • Redundancy and fallback concepts to continue operations at another airport location in the event of a failure or crisis, without interruption .  
  • Centralized and trouble-free maintenance of the systems.

More Information

WEYTEC creates fully integrated KVM workplace solutions for control rooms in airports and for air traffic control. 

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