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Control Rooms for Public Utilities

Renewable energy is revolutionizing the energy sector. It is now standard practice for power plants to use a profusion of different methods to generate the power which supplies millions of people with electricity, gas and heat all day, every day. A variety that requires efficient control and monitoring systems and is changing the requirements for industrial networking, KVM and visualization solutions. WEYTEC has developed comprehensive solutions for this demanding working environment. 


Full integration for optimum process control

Complex control rooms and data management centers host a wide variety of hardware and extensive IT landscapes. With smart WEYTEC solutions it is possible to remove all the sources from the operator desks, but control them nonetheless, simply and intuitively with a unique, user-friendly multifunctional keyboard. So, while man and machine may be physically separated, IP-based network technology integrates all the systems and presents the data in real-time, at any desk or video wall at utilities companies.

The benefits of WEYTEC solutions for your branch 

  • Complete turnkey provisioning of control rooms (primary, remote and backup).
  • Security and monitoring of status signals.
  • Videoconferencing centers.
  • Enhanced data security with centralized system rooms.
  • Reliable video quality and transmission.
  • Simple and intuitive operation of various systems.
  • Seamless integration of customer systems.
  • No PC applications or software required.

More Information

WEYTEC creates fully integrated KVM workplace solutions for control rooms in the energy and public utilities sector. 

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Making complex workplaces smart

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