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Control rooms for public transportation

Whether for the railways, thruways, shipping ports or parking lots - transportation networks are growing and becoming increasingly complex. Real-time monitoring and identification of people and passenger flows must be flawless, also during traffic peaks. Technological challenges in public transportation control rooms are also increasing, to meet the requirements and offer passengers smooth service and maximum safety: High-quality visualizations, the permanent availability of steering signals, the complete integration of emergency and signaling systems, the quick and efficient distribution of real-time information about emergencies and traffic rerouting, and simple and intuitive access to all systems are only some of the criteria which we can meet. WEYTEC solutions for public transportation improve team collaboration, decision-making processes and secure, efficient workflows - and all this with a streamlined and intuitive user interface to make every day easier.


The benefits of WEYTEC solutions for transportation

  • Improved efficiency and security for your public transport network.
  • Flexible integration of diverse systems.
  • Enhanced comfort and safety for passengers and employees.
  • Seamless integration and individual scalability of the solution according to your needs.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reliable switching between primary and backup systems.
  • Working environments which are free from heat and noise emissions.
  • User interfaces are reduced to a single multifunctional keyboard so that operators can concentrate on their core tasks.
  • Users can access shared PCs, sources and devices.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards.

More Information

WEYTEC creates fully integrated KVM workplace solutions for control rooms in the transportation and traffic management sectors. 

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