WDP Server

For KVM Medium & Large Solutions

The WDP Server is the central controller of KVM Medium & Large solutions. It is responsible for all user interactions, from login and role selection to logoff. It manages the switching, control and surveillance of all devices within a WDP system. Designed for 24/7 operations, multiple physical WDP servers (Primary, Standby and DB+Console) work in fail-safe mode and are each equipped with redundant power supplies. Multiple WDP servers can also be deployed across multiple locations. 

At a glance

  • Central creation and management of user profiles, user groups, roles and access rights, whereby any user can login and access their sources from any desk
  • Central administrative access for configuration and monitoring across the entire KVM system
  • Switching and control of IP Remote transmitters, receivers and smartTOUCH keyboards
  • Stores all information about user rights, devices and switching options in a database, ensuring data integrity
  • Logs all user activity incl. logins/logouts & access to sources
  • Location-based device management across multiple sites



... with shared access and logging history



... with free seating and redundancy

System Architecture

The WDP Server hardware is based on high-performance, low-power ultraFLEX miniPCs from WEYTEC. ultraFLEX miniPCs run on Microsoft Windows server operating systems and provide the basis for WDP core services.

The WDP Control Application, installed on WDP servers, coordinates user activity as well as the control, interaction and switching of connected system components and devices. The database stores information about the sources, devices and user rights. Windows active directory users can also be synchronized via the optional WDP Active Directory Application.

The Console Application provides a graphical user interface for the administrator and manages the connected devices and the user settings such as roles, profiles and presets. The WDP Server is equipped with a variety of interfaces to integrate third party systems.

Application examples

Each WDP system consists of a minimum of two WDP Control Applications running on the “Primary” and “Standby” (together referred to as one segment) as well as a database “DB” with the Console Application. These can be installed in 2-PC, 3-PC or Multi-PC environments, depending on redundancy requirements. Database replication guarantees the highest levels of data availability. The following diagrams show different intallation scenarios.

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