IP Remote

Remote and centralize your computers with real-time access

When concentration needs to be at its fullest and every second counts, an ideal working climate is essential. Removing PCs from the office or control room environment eliminates heat and noise emissions as well as electromagnetic radiation from the workspace. This significantly improves the health and comfort of traders and operators.

ipREMOTE transmitters connect directly to workstations or other information sources, while receivers connect to peripherals and are located at the desk. A selection of chassis is available to mount the cards; from small desk models to standard 19” 3U chassis for high port density in the server room, with integrated or external power supplies. Whether as stand-alone KVM extenders or as essential components of a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, ipREMOTE devices are known for their robust quality and flexibility. One of the most significant benefits of an ipREMOTE solution is its compatibility with existing IP networks. Technically speaking, all IP networks can host WEYTEC ipREMOTE solutions.

From simple point-to-point connections to complex matrix structures, IP remote KVM extenders are the ideal solution for trading floors and control rooms.

At a glance

  • Highest speed, real-time transmission
  • Significantly reduced heat, noise and electromagnetic emissions in the office
  • Optimized costs and desk footprints
  • Protected IT resources and enhanced data security
  • Minimized energy costs with efficient cooling
  • No more costly moves, adds and changes
  • Independence from deployed hardware

The benefits of a centralized server room

WEYTEC KVM over IP solutions moves all your PCs and information sources from the desk to a centralized server room where they are stored, protected, cost-effectively cooled and maintained in simple efficient workflows. This saves electricity, increases the average life span of hardware, precludes breeches of IT security and virtually eliminates expensive moves, adds and changes. And in case of a PC failure, users can switch instantly to a spare device. KVM over IP solutions enhance workflow efficiency, workspace ergonomics and IT security.


IP Remote advantages from A to Z:

  • Protects your IT assets and ensures data security around the clock.
  • Controlled access to sources with individual user roles and rights.
  • Healthy and comfortable working environment.
  • Moves, adds and changes executed without cost or delay.
  • Effective use of office space.
  • Promotes Green IT.


IP Classic

In the most familiar LAN/WAN configuration scenario, the network is described as a “cloud”. Here, the network itself acts as a huge switch connecting all users to all systems. Thousands of workstations can be interconnected.

IP Multicast

Multicasting is a popular technology used when a source is distributed simultaneously to many recipients. This method is often employed for streaming media and TV applications. It provides an efficient means to disseminate messages using a minimum of bandwidth.

IP KVM Hybrid

Customers requiring the high quality and real-time aspects of conventional dedicated KVM solutions can also enjoy the flexibility of ipREMOTE. As multiple technologies can be deployed and combined within the same system, existing dedicated solutions can be expanded.

IP Metropolitan

Customers who need a high-end system over metropolitan distances will opt for this scenario. Based on the Ethernet standard, WDM equipment reduces long-haul cable requirements. This is accomplished by multiplexing ipREMOTE users and sources over shared fiber optic links.


Independent IP network

The IP Remote protocol is based on standard TCP / UDP communication. Depending on the characteristics of the infrastructure, WEYTEC’s IP-based solution eliminates distance restrictions between computers and desktops.

Plattform independent 

A platform-independent solution that guarantees the integrity of the PCs. 100% computing power is always available and neither software nor driver installations are required.

Real-time access

Users remote control their PCs over LAN/WAN infrastructure, in real time.

True Channel Communication

Every physical port on a PC is transmitted over a separate channel. Thus, you can connect your digital and analog video, DDC, audio, USB, PS/2 and serial data signals from any computer to any workplace. All channels can be switched independently and in any combination.


Lossless transmission 

Ingenious compression technology with lossless transmission minimizes bandwidth requirements.

Existing Infrastructure 

Supports copper, multi- and single mode fiber infrastructure.

Unlimited Connections 

Unicast and multicast communications for an unlimited number of connections.

Investment protection

Investment protection with scalable and modular solutions. 


IP Re­mo­te 

IP KVM Extender (Keyboard, Video, Maus)

+ High speed, low latency, real time transmission via TCP/IP
+ Non-intrusive solution requiring no software installations on customer PCs
+ Individually switchable channels for video, keyboard/mouse, audio and USB


WEYTEC KVM over IP solutions house all your PCs and information sources in a centralized server room where they are stored, protected, cooled cost-effectively, and maintained easily and efficiently. This saves electricity, increases the average life span of hardware, precludes breeches of IT security and virtually eliminates expensive moves, adds and changes. In case of a PC failure, users can switch instantly to a spare device. KVM over IP solutions enhance workflow efficiency, workplace ergonomics and IT security.

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  • Remote dedicated, shared and switched PCs
  • Digital transmission, standard IP
  • Available with DVI (VGA) and DisplayPort Video resolutions up to 2x 4K@60Hz
  • Transparent USB 2.0
  • Dual channel stereo audio
  • Data transmission over copper and/or fiber
  • Increased rack density with dual transmitters and receivers
  • Universally applicable for all hardware  platforms
  • No distance limitations


IP Remote USB 

Using USB devices with WEYTEC KVM solutions

+ USB across multiple geographical locations and network segments (OSI layer 3)
+ Add transparent USB 2.0 high speed to existing WEYTEC Systems


WEYTEC IP Remote USB provides a transparent USB channel for devices such as hard disks, flash drives, fingerprint and card readers, audio devices, webcams and more. In combination with a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, USB connections can be switched between desks and PCs.

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  • Extend any USB device over standard IP networks
  • Transparent USB (no drivers required)
  • USB 2.0 high-speed
  • Switchable, in combination with a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP)
  • Can be integrated into existing WEYTEC systems
  • Works across multiple sites / network segments
  • Built-in to WEYTEC KVM chassis and/or boxes


Chassis and Boxes

For smart uncluttered rack installations

+ First chassis worldwide for KVM modules & PCs in one 19'' chassis
+ Unmatched: Up to 32 4K video channels in only 4 rack units


WEYTEC manufactures a variety of KVM chassis and boxes which provide perfectly integrated solutions for any environment. WEYTEC chassis house transmitters, receivers, mini PCs and all other WEYTEC card modules. Hot-pluggable and designed for 24/7 operations, the chassis deliver the highest levels of flexibility and reliability with the smallest footprint in terms of energy and space requirements.


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  • Housing for KVM cards and mini PCs
  • Scaleable for any requirement
  • Robust & reliable
  • Flexible & hot-pluggable
  • Lowest hardware footprint on the market
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Highest efficiency
  • Management and monitoring capabilities

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