Master & receiver units for distributed video walls

The smartVISUAL Master and the smartVISUAL Receiver are the basis of WEYTEC‘s visualization solutions. They administer and control real and virtual video walls as well as decode and display video streams. smartVISUAL integrates separate displays into a continuous visualization surface

At a glance

  • Resolutions up to 4K @60Hz
  • Hardware-based, without software installations
  • Independent of operating system
  • Video sources can be displayed in freely scalable windows on screens and video walls
  • Unlimited number of sources and screens
  • Redundant configuration
  • Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC switchingPLATFORM, WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM and WEYTEC visualizationPLATFORM



... are displayed flexibly within windows



... with an unlimited number of smartVISUAL receivers



... four functions in one device

smartVISUAL Master

The WEYTEC smartVISUAL Master unit can manage multiple real and virtual video walls with different resolutions. It administers all the sources as well as the video and network settings.  

Every source can be placed, scaled and moved individually in a dedicated window on the video wall. Additionally, a single monitor or a personal video wall can display multiple sources simultaneously. The architecture is such that the system can be extended to an almost unlimited number of sources and screens.  For redundancy reasons, multiple smartVISUAL Masters can be combined to ensure the highest levels of availability.

The smartVISUAL Master is only active when switching or changing layouts and sources. Streams are processed exclusively by the smartVISUAL Receiver. If the Master in a system fails, all other components continue to function without restriction and playback the streams.

smartVISUAL Editor

The smartVISUAL Editor is a web-based graphical user interface for the administration and control of smartVISUAL. It enables users to easily change the position and size of individual windows via a web browser. The editor presents a live view of the video wall so that changes are visible in real time. The editor is also used to create, change, delete and activate layouts (presets).

smartVISUAL Receiver

The smartVISUAL Receiver is responsible for decoding and displaying the network streams. On the input side, H.264 video streams and IP remote streams in various resolutions up to 4K are supported.  Multiple streams can be decoded and displayed in parallel. Individual videos can be freely scaled and positioned across one or more screens. The hardware supports resolutions up to 4K @60Hz via DisplayPort.

The smartVISUAL Receiver is hardware-based. It does not require software installations on systems or sources and it is completely independent of operating systems. The smartVISUAL Receiver is available in two versions, with single or dual output.

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