911 Emergency Communications Center

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA - Deployment of new consolidated 911 emergency communications center for municipal and county police, fire and rescue departments.

The Client

The City of Lincoln is the capital of the U.S. state of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster County. Lincoln is one of only a few cities in the United States where police, fire and communications have all received national accreditation.

The 911 Communications Center is staffed by a team of 36 highly trained communications service operators who provide dispatching service for the Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln Fire & Rescue, the Lancaster
County Sheriff's Office and 14 rural fire agencies. The specialists are responsible for receiving, prioritizing and sending appropriate assistance to the citizens.

The Challenge

The City of Lincoln / Lancaster County is expanding with an ever increasing number of incoming 911 calls, and more operator positions to manage the emergency services.

The Call Center needed a more efficient and scalable solution to combine and connect to their workstations, telephone and radio consoles, and manage their core processes, such as Computer Aided Dispatch, 911 Call Mapping, VoIP Phones and Law Enforcement Record Requests, with a single keyboard and mouse.

Before the Project

Dispatcher workplaces at the pre-existing communications center were equipped each with two to three local PCs under the desks and as many keyboards and mice on top. The environment was loud and stressful. Operators were using an IP-based mouse switching software that just was not working reliably.

The WEYTEC Solution

WEYTEC deployed an operator workplace solution based upon ultraFLEX miniPCs, IP Remote extenders using fiber cabling and USB Deskswitches.

At the desk, everything is housed in a compact 6-slot desk chassis underneath the tabletop. Each dispatcher has one dedicated ultraFLEX miniPC and two additional vendor-specific PCs. Operators use WEYTEC mouse switching to toggle intuitively between their PCs and screens.

The WEYTEC solution removed all the CAD workstations from the dispatch floor and secured them in a controlled temperature and access environment where they are protected, efficiently cooled and easily maintained. One standard 19” rack houses the 18 WEYTEC ultraFLEX miniPCs, while three additional racks house the other 36 vendor specific computers. Fiber has been deployed to connect the operator positions to the sources.

You can download the full case study here.


Facts & Figures

Workplace Optimization

  • 18 USB Deskswitches

Mini PCs

  • 18 ultraFLEX miniPCs

KVM over IP

  • 18 IP Remote Transmitters & Receivers


The operators now enjoy a quieter, more ergonomic working environment, using a single keyboard and mouse to control all their PCs and screens. And ease of maintenance and repair of the CAD workstations has been significantly facilitated now that all the equipment is centrally located.

The ultraFLEX miniPCs are the stars of the Lincoln, Nebraska communications center, driving six out of eight of the operators’ screens. The price/performance ratio of the WEYTEC USB Deskswitches was also very competitive.

One word. Awesome.
With all of our numerous workstations consolidated into one, this reduces our workload in maintaining and updating OS and software. We would recommend WEYTEC as a system provider to other 911 call centers and Public Safety Answering Points.

Greg Jacobsen
911 Emergency Communication Center's Radio System Specialist