AETOS Security Management

Singapur - The integration of multiple security systems enables operators to multitask and cover duties for colleagues.


AETOS Security Management provides integrated and tailor-made solutions that cater to the security needs of a diverse clientele in Singapore.

Since its incorporation in 2004, AETOS have established a reputation as the trusted provider of armed and unarmed security for the airport and seaports of Singapore, as well as for key installations and buildings.

Leveraging on experience and expertise, AETOS have integrated security training and consultancy, event and asset security management and a host of other professional security services to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for their clients.


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The AETOS Command Centre has been situated at 1 Mount Pleasant Road in Singapore since May 2008. At this location, AETOS was using a physical copy of a Singapore map attached to the wall to organise the 
deployment and dispatching of security officers to their respective duties. Faced with the changing needs and requirements of their customers, one of the first big challenges was to replace the static map with a digital one.

The new solution uses the flexibility of the WEYTEC VSS2XM Allocation System to incorporate Google Maps onto the operator screens and project the overview to a video projection wall. Due to the modularity of the architecture, WEYTEC solutions are easily expandable. System changes and maintenance can be executed at any time and without service interruptions.



After careful evaluation of multiple technology options, AETOS chose the WEYTEC solution. All sources are available from every position. Ergonomic working environments have been realised for the operators. And the new solution provides extremely high system reliability in accordance with AETOS’ emphasis on security.

Four AETOS operators, one supervisor and one Crisis Management Room have been outfitted with 6 WEYTEC Multifunctional Keyboards, providing intuitive control of all PCs and multi­media applications. Each operator is able to switch to and monitor colleagues’ screens when necessary. The supervisor can easily oversee junior operator activities and keep an overview of the entire operation from the comfort of his own desk. This saves valuable time in the event of a breach of security. Further­more, all sources are accessible on the video wall and in the Crisis Management Room. Security alerts are also projected to the projection wall, ensuring that all alarms receive the staff’s full attention. 

All the AETOS PCs have been remoted to a server rack in a system room. This has freed up considerable leg room underneath the operators’ desks as well as reduced heat, noise and electromagnetic emissions in the control room working environment. 

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the highly qualified staff of WEYTEC engineers, the project was completed as planned despite the challenging circumstances of coordinating with multiple parties. Using the WEYTEC keyboard, all data sources are securely and efficiently displayed at the desk or on our videowall. Now that we are live, AETOS will be able to benefit from the Free Seating solution deployed by WEYTEC.

Jonathan Ngow
Head of Technology Solutions at AETOS