Bank Julius Bär, Zürich

Zurich, Switzerland - 1750 m2 trading floor, 1326 screens at 223 workplaces, and not a single computer in the room.

Many of the world's leading financial experts at Bank Julius Baer now work at state-of-the-art workspaces that are ergonomic, efficient and flexible. WEYTEC, the world market leader for trading room solutions, deployed the technology for the completely renovated trading room.

A WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard is at the center of every Julius Baer trading desk. With the built-in touch screen and the touch of a button, traders manage all their information sources and systems as well as six LCD screens. Built-in Reuters and Bloomberg keypads facilitate fast, error-free trades.

Facts & Figures


  • 230 trader desks with smartTOUCH keyboards and 6 24’’ EIZO screens

  • TV channels live in the smartTOUCH screen

  • USB transmission for HD video cameras for video conferencing 


  • WDP with free seating

  • 3 System rooms with >600 PCs

Remote Solutions

  • 690 IP Remote Receivers

  • 830 IP Remote Transmitters

Equipping our employees with more than 200 state-of-the-art workspaces, so that they can support our customers in the best possible way is very important to us..... Our main concern was the renovation during ongoing business activity. We would not have decided to carry out this project, our third one, with WEY Technology, if there hadn't been a lot of trust in the WEYTEC team, and we certainly haven't been disappointed.

Peter Gerlach
Head of Markets and Member of the Board at Bank Julius Bär