Dräger Medical Switzerland AG

Remotisation of patient monitoring Systems for the University Hospital Zurich with data availability at different locations.


Dräger is an internationally leading company in the area of medical technology. Founded in Lübeck, Germany in 1889, it has grown into a global, publicly-traded corporation with a staff of 110,000 employees in 190
countries. Dräger develops, produces and distributes medical technology for acute medicine, from emergency to perioperative, intensive and perinatal care. The University Hospital Zurich has deployed Dräger monitoring solutions since 2006.

With 850 beds and a staff of 6400, University Hospital Zurich is one of the largest medical facilities in Switzerland and most important teaching hospitals in Europe. With 42 departments and institutes, the hospital is renowned for achievements in health care, research and teaching, as well as patient care. University Hospital Zurich has a longstanding reputation as an innovator and its ground-breaking research and findings have significantly contributed to the advancement of modern medicine.

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  • WEYTEC WS Remote Security


Compromise is not an option in the intensive care environment. Health care professionals need to have a crystal clear view of patient data at all times. Saving lives and improving patient care necessitate providing doctors and nurses with brilliant images and real-time data on patient status around the clock.

The first challenge was to extend the reach of the patient monitoring system beyond the nurses’ station and distribute bedside data into multiple viewing areas throughout the intensive care unit (ICU). Secondly, typical anesthesiologist patient data such as heart rate and blood pressure needed to be made available to the operating surgeon during the surgical procedures.


WEYTEC deployed the WS Remote Security Solution to distribute real-time patient data to alternative viewing theatres within the intensive care unit and the operating rooms of the University Hospital in Zurich. All the ICU patients’ vital signs are collected centrally and displayed on two monitors at the nurses’ station, and then distributed to a variety of ICU locations, wherever the data needs to be monitored. In the operating theatres, vital patient data is provided not only to the anesthesiologists but also to the operating surgeons.


WEYTEC Solutions meet the particularly high requirements of hospitals and clinics when hygiene, reliability, security and the quality of the screen display are of utmost importance. The WS Remote Security solution delivers very high picture quality for patient monitoring systems. And the WS Security is easy to install, as it uses standard network infrastructure cable. As this is usually available throughout hospitals, it is not necessary to pull video cables into intensive care units and operating theaters.

In addition to the excellent picture quality and WEYTEC’s efficient installation procedures, we were convinced of the benefits of a local supplier with reliable support. This is particularly important for implementations in critical care environments.

Thomas Hafner
Dräger Product Manager for Monitoring