Infraserv Höchst GAMZ

Modernization of the Emergency Control Center (GAMZ) with WEYTEC Workplace Optimization and smartVISUAL solutions


The Industriepark Höchst near Frankfurt am Main, Germany is protected by a fully integrated emergency response organization, including crisis management, plant security, a central alarm system and a park fire department. Together, these organizations support all the companies in the Industrial Park to prevent and respond to incidents. When called upon, the Industriepark Höchst Fire Department also provides expertise and resources to assist regional authorities.

The emergency response organization protects life and property not only during acute emergencies. Its team of experts advise, train and support the community with a wide range of technology and information services. 

The GAMZ Emergency Control Center operates seven days a week around-the-clock to meet GAMZ's stringent security requirements.



Infraserv Höchst GAMZ required eight state-of-the-art workplaces for their control room operators. They decided to house computer systems in a secure technical room in order to protect and cool them efficiently. An outdated video surveillance system including client computers and a video wall were ready to be replaced. The new solution needed to display approximately 400 IP video cameras on workplace monitors and a big new video wall. This called for a future-proof operating concept. In the past, operators had to use multiple keyboards to perform their essential functions. Going forward, however, everything had to be operated efficiently, comfortably and securely with a single keyboard and mouse per workplace. Additionally, the new concept needed to deploy network infrastructure and technology to fully integrate multiple locations that are distributed throughout the GAMZ building. 



You can download the full case study here:

Case Study Infraserv Höchst GAMZ

Facts & Figures


  • 8 operator workplaces
  • 26 PC sources
  • ca. 400 IP streamed video sources
  • 1 WDP switching fabric

Small Form Factor Computers

  • 7 WEYTEC ultraFLEX miniPCs

Workplace Optimization

  • 9 WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboards

Video walls

  • 6 55" LCD video walls in 3x2 arrangement
  • 4 UHD high-resolution 75" LCD monitors

Control of the video wall

  • 2 WEYTEC smartVISUAL Masters
  • 10 WEYTEC smartVISUAL Receivers


Workplace Operations

All 26 Infraserv Höchst GAMZ computers (including seven WEYTEC ultraFLEX miniPCs) are integrated within the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM. The connected computers are controlled via a multifunctional WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard and are displayed on any monitor or the large video wall. This is made possible by simply pressing a button on the keyboard; and without the installation of drivers or any physical intervention on the computers. Seven out of eight workplaces are equipped with an UHD high-resolution curved workplace monitor. WEYTEC smartVISUAL receivers connect to these workplace monitors and enable the simultaneous display of a virtually unlimited number of source signals (computer / IP streaming video). Mouse switching makes it easy and intuitive to switch between them and take control any computer.

Large Video Wall Visualization

One large video wall with six 55" LCD monitors (4x2 arrangement) and four UHD 75" LCD high-resolution monitors provide well-structured displays of image information throughout the GAMZ. Each monitor is outfitted with a single smartVISUAL receiver to provide the signals. With WEYTEC smartVISUAL, operators can select video output from any of the 400 IP streaming sources and 26 computers connected to the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM. Images can be simultaneously displayed in freely positionable and scalable windows on the video wall. Additionally, large screens located in the GAMZ, the building corridor and the fire department garage display alarms and other general information. Operators use WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboards to quickly select, display and switch between pre-defined scenarios for the video wall and all the large screens.


WEY Technology provides Infraserv Höchst with single-source and future-proof solutions meeting their requirements for modern operator workplaces and advanced visualization landscapes. Höchst was particularly impressed that WEYTEC designs, develops and manufacturers all key system components inhouse and is exceptionally well equipped, therefore, to accommodate their specific needs. The range of WEYTEC support services includes planning and testing to installation and training. 

GAMZ operator workflows have been significantly streamlined. No matter how complex your daily workflow may be, the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard, WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM and smartVISUAL make them simple and smart.

The cooperation with WEY Technology in our project was and remains very good. We are completely satisfied with the project implementation and are delighted to recommend WEY Technology for other projects, also in light of our excellent experience with the system itself.

Dittmar Bott
Head of GAMZ System Technology at Infraserv