Landesmuseum Zürich

New security loggia including the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM and WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboards for security personnel.


Whoever honours the homeland Switzerland visits this museum: the Landesmuseum Zurich. A huge medieval castle, it lies in the turbulent heart of the city. The values and history of the country that are preserved by the museum deserve the utmost protection. This is ensured by the security personnel at the front desk.

The renovation of the museum (from 2013 to 2016) included a new security loggia. The goal was to ease the control and monitoring of all security systems and building technology from two desk positions, each with four/
ten monitors, using a single multifunctional keyboard per desk.

The solution integrated some seven different functions: access control, management systems, video 
surveillance with 130 cameras, a legacy workplace from the old security counter, some pre-existing WEYTEC 
components and two IT system rooms. The goal was to enable the security staff to provide enhanced security in a more effective and intuitive manner. 

A turnkey solution and a migration plan without interruption to ongoing operations were further requirements. 



A WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM bundles and distributes KVM signals between the equipment in the system rooms and the security desk. The staff, located at the security desk, controls and steers all the networked 
sources and monitoring functions using WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboards. Video images and other informa­tion can be switched to and displayed on the monitors with the touch of a button. The security staff has a 24/7 view of the entire museum in real time. They also manage access control, alarms and much more. 


Here you can download the full case:


Facts & Figures

  • 2 Workplaces

  • Multifunctional keyboards

    • 2 x WEYTEC smartTOUCH

  • WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM

  • IP Remote transmitters and receivers

    • 14 x Transmitters

    • 7 x Receivers

  • 12 Sources

  • 14 x 24‘‘ EIZO screens 

  • 2 System rooms



One of the biggest challenges was to ensure a non-disruptive migration to the new system. The Landesmuseum remained open and was monitored continuously during the renovation and installation work. After weeks of preparation and meticulous coordination between installation technicians, the change over was completed within one day. The old security counter remained fully functional at first. Meanwhile, the two security desks in the new loggia were configured, linked to existing and new systems and finally put into operation. 

WEYTEC solutions do not require any software or driver installations. They use KVM signal transmission that connects computer interfaces to KVM switches and works independently of hardware platforms and operating systems. The concept is compatible with almost any established IT infrastructure. It can be implemented during ongoing operations. Thus, WEY Technology ensured the Landesmuseum of a seamless migration of security management to the new security loggia.


Security operators of the Landesmuseum are responsible for a multitude of tasks. Among them, they track images from 130 video cameras that monitor 6,100 sqm of exhibition space. They oversee movement and intrusion sensors, fire detectors and elevators. They control lighting, window shades and air-conditioning 
systems. All alarms must be processed immediately. The operators are also responsible for access control, issuing badges when someone needs to enter secure rooms. They track the opening and closing of doors. 

The WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboards facilitate multitasking. They store central functions, workflows and alarm processes that are immediately available per click. Screen layouts can be arranged and re-arranged 
efficiently. The security personnel always have the overview of surveillance cameras, management systems and all other sources, data and applications. 


System rooms

Remote system rooms eliminate computers under desks. WEYTEC recommends this solution for every control room, including the security desk in the Landesmusuem. System rooms provide a protected, air-conditioned and easy-to-maintain environment as well as room for growth. 

With the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, remoted computers are operated latency-free over long distances, while a single keyboard operates any number of machines. The KVM signals are transmitted via Ethernet. 

The Landesmuseum maintains two system rooms. One hosts security systems and video system clients, the other facilities management, access control and office IT systems. WEYTEC seamlessly integrates new and existing equipment in both rooms into the solution infrastructure. The systems are connected to the KVM switch matrix via IP Remote transmitters located in one of the system rooms. From there, the signals are routed via IP Remote receivers to the desks and screens. 


Three museums, the Landesmseum Zürich, the Château de Prangins and the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz are united under the Swiss National Museum umbrella organization. The museums present Swiss history from its beginnings to the present day, and explore Swiss identity and the diversity of the country's history and culture. 
The Landesmuseum is located in the heart of Zurich. The museum management describes the building as an "ensemble of a fine old historical building and a new sculptural wing". The edifice was first built in 1898 by the architect Gustav Gull, a pupil of Gottfried Semper. Gull drew upon a variety of historical architectural elements from the late Middle Ages to modern times and brought them together to form a whole. 

Due to a shortage of space, the Landesmuseum was expanded for the first time from 2013 to 2016. The new wing, designed by the Swiss architects Christ & Gantenbein and opened in 2016, complements Gustav Gull's building. It houses flexible exhibition halls, a modern library and an auditorium for public events.  Equipped by WEY Technology, the museum's new security loggia is located at the juncture between the old and new buildings. 

Using a single keyboard to operate all seven of our systems simplifies our work enormously. Everything runs more efficiently, faster and we have a better overview. We are very satisfied.

Heinz Baumann
Head of the Security Loggia, Landesmuseum Zürich