Polizia Città di Lugano

The Lugano City Police Department has integrated an abundance of different information, process and alarm systems into a functional unit in its new Operations and Control Center. An efficient and ergonomically ideal solution has been developed which is easy to use and future-proof.

Initial Situation

Over the years, the technical infrastructure of the old dispatch centre became more and more complex due to the dramatic increase of new requirements without an appropriate integration concept to unify and simplify 
operations. Additionally, operational changes in process management and numerous new tasks led to an increase in the number of operators working at the Center. 

The latest example of this trend is the project for the new tunnel Vedeggio-Cassarate which challenges the City of Lugano to completely redesign the rules of the road and traffic light control. In addition, now all 118 emergency calls for the entire canton are received and processed at the Center. The overall condition of the original control center including its task management concept and ergonomic design were not sufficient to cope with the new challenges. 


Here you can download the full case:


Facts & Figures

  • WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM

  • 32 WEYTEC IP Remote

  • 7 Desks each with 1 WEYRAY Multifunctional 
    Keyboard and up to 6 Monitors 

  • Videowall: 3x2  56” eyevis Rear Projection Cubes

  • 1 WEYTEC smartVISUALController 

  • IP Video Decoder Boards



After careful evaluation of the tenders for the management of diverse information, process and alarm systems, the Lugano City Police decided to go with the “WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM”, as its comprehensive inte­gration concept best fulfilled the bidding criteria for the new operations center.

Operators now have seven desks available, each with up to six monitors controlled by one WEYTEC Multifunctional Keyboard. All integrated systems as well as the videowall can be comfortably controlled from any desk. Thanks to the WEYTEC smartCONTROL System, all events (alarms, system messages, faults etc.) are displayed at the desk and/or on the videowall. All PCs from the integrated systems are now housed in a cen­tral, climate-controlled system room, thus reducing heat and noise emissions in the control center, enhancing ergonomics at the desk, easing maintenance procedures and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.


Video integration

In the future, 200 additional video cameras will be added to the current 47 in order to oversee pedestrian walkways, parking facilities and streets (Project Security). From this pool of new and existing cameras up to 40 event-driven images can be displayed simultaneously on the eyevis videowall. Each picture can be freely positioned and scaled on the screen.


The complexity of the task, the technical and financial circum­stances as well as the tight schedule offered a substantial challenge for all parties involved. WEYTEC deemed the excellent project organisation as well as the outstanding communication on the part of Lugano City Police as extremely important factors in the successful implementation of the project. 

The company WEYTEC distinguished itself immediately by its remarkable ability to integrate complex systems and nonetheless preserve simplicity and the ease of use which is required for operability. WEYTEC responded to our requirements in a competent and flexible manner.

Enos Escher
Director of IT