Radio Zürisee

State-of-the-art KVM solution for high-performance workplaces at radio studios and loft at one of Switzerland's most popular radio stations.

Radio Zürisee

Radio Zürisee is a private Swiss radio station that went on air on 1 November 1983, making it one of the first private radio stations in all of Switzerland. Located on the lovely shores of Lake Zurich in Rapperswil, St. Gallen, Radio Zürisee’s transmission area covers the cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen, Schwyz and Glarus. It can also be heard over the Internet and DAB+. With a daily audience of around 230,000 listeners, the station is one of the top five Swiss private radio stations. Radio Zürisee plays music and produces news and other locally oriented content.

Scope of the project 

Radio Zürisee was completely refurbishing their radio loft premises, including two redesigned radio studios. And because space is very limited in their building in Rapperswil, they had to build compactly: the spati-al concept included minimizing the footprint of the studios in order to maximize the area for collaboration, team-building events, interviews and a kitchen. The WEYTEC solution removes sources and PCs from the workplaces to free up space and eliminate noise and heat emissions at the desks. The sources are now housed in a centralized, protected, climate-controlled data center.  


The digitalization of working processes in radio studios is advancing steadily, meaning, for example, that the creation and moderation of news must be fully supported digitally. WEYTEC kicked off the Radio Zürisee project with a workflow analysis and subsequently proposed a customized solution which exactly fit the needs of the moderators. All systems are controllable from all four workplaces. The radio mixing consoles are fully integrated within the solution and can subsequently control systems in the radio loft. The smartTOUCH key-board interfaces with the telephone system, and also features customized keypads to control the visualization environment. The redundancy concept ensures that Radio Zürisee never goes off the air, even if an important system component such as a source, workplace or WDP switch should fail.  

The Visualization Solution

One of Radio Zürisee's top priorities was the realization of a new visualization solution. They needed to bundle different kinds of computer content onto single screens, which is where WEYTEC's smartVISUAL comes into play. smartVISUAL dis-plays an unlimited number of video sources in freely scalable windows on any number of screens and video walls. Radio Zü-risee chose generous but space-saving personal video walls for the desks, a large video wall and four additional room mo-nitors, partially mobile, in the radio loft, and the editorial and moderation offices. The visualization landscape is controlled from the smartTOUCH keyboards in the radio studios. The keyboards feature customized keypads with shortcuts to mul-tiple presets for the personal videowalls.  

You can download the full case study here: 

Radio Zürisee

Wokplace Optimization

  • Two modern radio announcer workplaces in the radio studios
  • Workplaces each with a smartTOUCH key-board and a 49" curved personal video wall
  • smartTOUCH interfaces to the Radio Zürisee telephone system
  • Customized keypads with shortcuts to pre-set visualization scenarios


  • 16 sources (office PCs, radio and camera systems)
  • Full WDP integration with the radio mixing engine to control all the monitors
  • Full redundancy, Radio Zürisee's broadcasting capability is not affected if any component fails (e.g. sources, workplace, WDP switch)


  • Two personal video walls with smartVISUAL
  • One large video wall in the loft
  • Four room monitors distributed throughout the premises


Mario Göldi, Head of IT for Radio Zürisee has this to say about the radio studio project: "We can now track procedures and processes step-by-step on the screens. The cooperation with WEYTEC was very professional and friendly. They recognized our needs very quickly and suggested good solutions. We are very satisfied with the result. The system is simple, fast and extremely stable. The solution is perfect for the day-to-day radio business."

Dominik Ronner, Project Manager at WEYTEC, adds "The proj-ect went very smoothly. We invested sufficient time in the pre-liminary studies and the planning so that the project itself was rolled out quickly and efficiently."

The system is simple, fast and extremely stable. The solution is perfect for the day-to-day radio business.

Mario Göldi
Head of IT for Radio Zürisee